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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Catskill Farms Dominates Marketplace

My friend Dave keeps a good blog and is kind of heady about stats and numbers and he just posted something that stated 142 sales were reported in Western Sullivan County in 2009.

What's amazing about that is the fact that Catskill Farms sold 12 of those - or 8.5% of all sales in the region were our homes. Now, add another factor, like homes over $235k, and I bet we own 25% of the marketplace.

That's an amazing statistic - so, thank you customers, and thank you Catskill Farms team -

And - by the way, I'm in Key West, waiting for Lucas to wake up so we can check out some hotties on Duval Street (just kiddin' - I only have eyes for one). But I tell you, Lucas will give any puppy a run for its money in terms of chick magnet abilities.

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