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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cottage 24 - A Work in Progress

It's not often we have a house for sale, and it's definitely unusual for it to be this far along. But at the speed we are racing these days - firing on all cylinders - the houses are nearly finished by the time they get started.

Cottage 24 is cool. It's on 8 acres, outside of Narrowsburg, up above Lucky Lake - 1250 sq ft of fine country living. We just got an offer on it over the weekend - but since we don't discount our homes, and since we don't have anything else for sale, we wished them good luck and continued designing this pretty fab house. Over the weekend I decided on the paint and tile, and tomorrow the kitchen. My opportunity to design solo is pretty limited these days since mostly the homes are spoken for early on. So it's been fun - it's what I used to do all the time when no one wanted our homes and I would develop the land, design the house, build the house, decorate the house, furnish the house and miserably wait for a buyer. But those days seem to be pretty much over, and with all the good reasons to buy at the moment, we should see a pretty consistent trickling of customers over 2010.

Sage green beveled siding with a wrap around porch, simple front entry with standing seam metal roof.
Big stone chimney chase. That door and window are looking out from the living room.

Here the guys are installing our plank ceilings over the foam insulation.

And here's a snap of our salvaged siding and beam work which we bought down the road from a reclaimer of like materials. This house took on a manly barny feel with these materials, and our challenge as it went in that direction was to keep it restrained - we didn't want some testosterone log and beam, Chapin Estate-like, heavy, "I take design so serious" direction.

There's Randolpho, racing around, installing his stonework - locally harvested bluestone.

Yes, that's a chalkboard door in the back.

So we got 5 houses under contract, and this house not spoken for and we are just breaking ground tomorrow on the next house not spoken for.

And, a very successful closing on Friday at Cottage 23, to be posted about later.

For anyone up over the weekend - wow - pretty impressive. A perfect snow day on Saturday, and a clear clear sky on Sunday, with snow hanging heavily off of the limbs. The snow was probably the best snow ball and snow man snow I've ever seen.


  1. Hi Chuck,
    Are your houses wired for cable tv and high speed internet? You've mentioned in the past about video security systems. Does this house have one?

    Is the house plumbed for washer and dryer?
    Does the 1250sq ft include that walk out basement?

    How deep do your wells go?

  2. Hi 'a fan' - thanks for taking the time to write.

    Depending on where the homes are located, some have cable, some use the dish. High-speed internet comes through dsl or cable. This house has security wired back to a main monitoring station (monitors low heats, fire/smoke, and burglars. I'm sure video is easily adapted - I have it at my offices.

    The house is plumbed for a washer/;dryer and the 1250 does not include the space in the basement that encompasses the walkout - where another 400 sq ft playroom/bedroom/office is possible.

    Interestingly, the wells up on the hill at Lucky Lake didn't go that deep. Drilling for water is completely unpredictable - sometimes lowlands go 500 ft and highlands 250. These went 230 +/-, and considering well drilling cost is a factor of depth ($20/ft w/casing), it's always nerve racking when old Pete Kestler sets up his rig.