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Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Road - Key West

Lisa and I like to travel and have managed to squeak out quite a few trips over the last 7 years of our partnership - repeated trips to Mexico, Rome, Capri, Berlin, Munich, Warsaw, Lodz, Florence, lots of New England trips, NYC, California and various parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

We like traveling over Christmas, and this year we wanted to keep it simple so we stayed in the States (and considering the air travel hassle of the big northeasterner before we left and the attempted terror attack on Christmas - thank god for that). Key West seemed exotic, fresh, easy and not that far - so that's where we've been since the 22nd.

We took a sailing trip on a old wooden schooner, took long walks all over the Island most mornings and evening, and more or less just took it easy.
Captain Lucas and 1st Mate Mommy.

Been experimenting with photoshop to enhance the photos a little, and the results are above and below. The pic below is of Gen. George Pattons boat "If and When" - never really used because he died in a car wreck before retirement.

And then we went to the aquriam and saw turtles and sharks and sea horses.

Me and Lucas and some Captain Hemmingway look-alike.

And here's Lisa outside the aquriam being molested by the Sponge Monster, which was this grotesque creature made up of thousands of sponges.

Lucas' first trip to Santa - kind of weird being warm and on a pier.

Lucas at our room at the Westin in Downtown Key West - on his big bed, near the pool, with his favorite Baby Einstein.

Big cruise ships ported everyday - Here's a huge one from Disney just outside our hotel.
See Mickey Mouse on the Chimney.
The Westin (or as Lisa remarked, The White Bread).
And here's Lisa doing her best Christmas Story impersonation with her son looking on doubtfully and unconvinced.

Then by plan we switched 2/3 of the way through to the Marriott BeachSide on the other side of the island. View from our window with the First Lady of Catskill Farms presiding.

Photoshoped tricked out ocean photo from the balcony.
Lisa holding Lucas who caught a cold somewhere. It hasn't been spectacular weather, that's for sure - but were not complaining considering it's hovering around 70.

And Lisa with Lucas, sans flash.

God, now that should get Lisa's damn Mom off my back - she's been calling twice a day looking for photos of Lucas - I tried to tell her this is a business blog, but you know how Grandmoms can be.

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