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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our New 5-Bay Macked Out Garage

Well, we got a big insulation truck, a couple of pickups, a dumptruck/sander/plow truck and we got ourselves a tractor- so what better way to keep them safe and warm than to build them a little shelter.

This picture down below is the frost walls and footings that will serve as the foundation of this 2500 sq ft barn.

Here is the plumbing and heating team placing the radiant heat in the slab to keep the chill off everything.

And here's the steel structure frame going up - I think it would probably be lot easier on the builders if it wasn't so damn cold and windy.

And here you can start to see the outline of the 5 garage doors. I own 2.8 acres at my offices here in Eldred NY. We have our main offices (1 room, 3 people, a dog and lots of people stopping by all the time) in the building that used to be the Eldred School Bus repair garage.

So, besides building 8 homes, we have this project going on. And on Monday we meet with the TV people again.

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