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Friday, January 22, 2010

Barn House #2

Richard, the gentleman who is the go to guy for all the insurance needs of NYC art galleries contacted us soon after the article in the NY Post profiling the home and studio we built for Albert, up on the hill off of Crawford. Richard signed up early, and waited patiently for us to address the Town land process, and was ready to build as soon as we satisfied all the local rules and regs. What we decided to build was a structure inspired by Albert's studio, which was in turn inspired by a barn just down the road on State Rt 55, between Eldred and Barryville.

Simple, private structure on 3 acres. Once again, we experimented with Cabot siding stains, and once again we were very pleased with the final look.

James and Richard at our site meeting last weekend - you may note James is looking a little light on his feet, which would be logical, since he forgot his tape measure and we ended up measuring everything with a 300' rolled land tape - not exactly a perfect tool for the job - it's like using a Zamboni to clean off your back stoop.

Cool open structure with one lofty bedroom looking down.

So, Barn 2 is looking good, and fits right into it's environment. What we are really realizing is how important house placement is - and we really have a knack for it.

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