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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cold in the Country

It's cold up here, and January this year feels like 100 yrs long - which I don't really mind since the slower time goes the more we get done.

Here's Cottage 20, selling to Susan before too long. With the grounds all cleaned up, and a cold winter afternoon blowing through, it's looking pretty picture perfect, up there on the ridge above Lucky Lake. My old friend Jack from the TV network was in town for the commencement of filming of this house renovation we are doing together and I took him over to the houses to check them out. He's a design and construction connoisseur, and goes all over the country scouting locations, builders and designers - and he likes our stuff so I like to show it off every time he's around.
Anyway, long story short, I love the back deck on this house - it kind of cantilevers out over the hillside, and is 10 deep or so and I wanted to show Jack the deck and so I go out there and right before he's about ready to follow me out he checks the door handle and it was locked. Now, this deck is way up on a hill, facing the wind, with no staircase down as of yet, with a drop of 10' feet. And it was about 0 degrees - I had a bunch of layers, but Jack the Southerner was in jeans and jacket. Anyway, disaster narrowly averted - Lisa painted a picture over Martinis of Jack and I hugging in the corner, trying to share body heat, waiting to be rescued.
That reminds me of the disaster narrowly averted at Cottage 24, when my new Ford Ranger went high-tailin' it down the mountainside, only to be stopped by a small tree which remarkably stopped the truck cold - with very little damage.

Below is the modern house - Ranch 2 - which is coming along nicely -all 960 sq ft of it. Tony and Laurie really hitting it out of the park, in my opinion.

And Richard's Barn House #2 - with the straw-colored siding, green roof and cavernous interior.

Daniel's 800 sq ft Micro Cottage #3, with its sagey green siding, 2 bedrooms, porch, rear deck and an awesome piece of wunder - land.

The Shaker House, coming along with the roof on, windows in, and the electric and plumbing started. John, Wendy and 3 young uns should be styling on 7+acres, big porches, and lots of easy living just two hours from all the hub-bub.

And last but definitely not least is Cottage 25, the only Cottage we have for sale - remarkably.

Blog posting has been a bit neglected here as of late, but it's not because we have slowed or hit any hurdles we can't readily surmount. It's a lot of construction, a lot original design, and a lot of commitment to building the best homes we can for the money.

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