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Friday, January 15, 2010

Men At Work

We have a lot of shit going on all the time - a wide ranging display of our versatility and breadth of our experience, as well as the health of our cash flow - since these parts are not like other parts where you can take 30 days to pay a bill- most of our subcontractors submit bills by Tuesday and want paid by Friday. For a construction business, that's no easy task - and fail in that payment task, and the show stops pretty much right away.

Up above in the construction arm - Bluestone Construction - of Catskill Farms, getting the old red rusting-away 1990 Chevy truck ready for the winter. Like most of my staff and subs, this truck is diverse in its talents and responsibilities - plowing, sanding, dump trucking.

Below is a picture of the soy-based spray foam we use to keep our homes amazingly warm and cool at lowest possible cost.

Here's the sheetrock crew at 50's Ranch 2 who can sheetrock one of smaller homes in a day.

And the painting crew at Cottage 24, working their magic around the hand hewn posts, salvaged wood siding and reclaimed wood rails.

The siding crew taking a smoke and snack on a cold winter morning on Lake Ridge Road outside of Narrowsburg, NY.

Curtis going wild at sweet Cottage 20, trimming the windows, doors, closet shelves and the 100 little details that keep everyone happy.

The wood crew installing the wood ceilings at Cottage 24. Obviously these pictures are not sequential since a few photos ago they were being painted.

Here's the heating crew working through a cold rain to get the radiant heat and water lines into the slab of our new 5-bay garage/man-cave before the concrete pour.

And the painters at our offices, on the last possible day of exterior painting until the spring. They turned the dirty brown front into a cool red barn in 8hrs flat.

The foundation at Micro Cottage 3 over on Tuthill Road.

The concrete crew working the concrete, with the pump trucks and concrete trucks supplying them with a steady stream of wet concrete for the 5-bay garage/man-cave.

And then two pictures of people obviously not working.

Lisa and my son caught napping, mid day.
And my Dad, up for a two week visit, not really setting the world on fire either. Looks like he has everything he needs - cane, ball for dog, coffee mug, and lots of blankets.


  1. so into yourself. you must have blinders to the rest of the world

  2. this is really perfect - I spend an entire post paying tribute to my hardworking team as well as Lisa taking care of my aging Dad, and this butthole writes this.

  3. Forget what he says. I call it "living the American dream." Aside from what he said, I would love to see more pictures of Cottage 24. I live up in Minnesooota and have a 1916 cottage on two acres I'm looking at ideas for. It is a similar footprint at 18 feet wide but a mere 24 feet deep at the present. Keep up the good work!!

  4. I recently found your website and blog and have been hooked since. Dreaming of the day when my husband and I will become Catskill Farms homeowners ... Keep up the great work!

  5. More pics of Cottage 24 shortly. Just finishing her up and i want to post a finished house next. lots of great details.


  7. I mean, I think this thread how one can't celebrate one's own position because some other people in the world are suffering is about the most stupid logic I have ever heard.

    No more childrens' birthday parties because someone in Moscow is hungry, no more graduations because the drought in Africa, no Sweet Sixteens because a guy in Tulsa lost his job, no afternoon delight because a guy in Austin is impotent. It's flawed logic, and I'm a guy who likes at least a little logic in anonymous posts.

    HELLO - LIFE GOES ON AND IS UNFAIR. Is that really new news?