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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Cabin 2010 Video Premiere (and a night out with some homeowners)

Blog Cabin Intro Video

This should be great for the area. Lots of positive free press.

There's this guy named Jack Thomasson, I mentioned a few times over the past 9 months, who pops into town more and more frequently. Having done house projects for the past 15 years for HGTV, various national magazines and now DIY, he's a combo house planner, talent scout, location scout, project manager. Not saying he recruited us as only the 35th builder he's ever selected from across the US, but someone else could say that. He would know better than me since I hardly leave Eldred these days, but he claims that Catskill Farms is one of more dynamic home design and build companies in existence presently, anywhere in the US. And he would know considering not much grass grows under his feet - he's always moving around the country - building this, scouting that. His latest project - HGTV's Dream Home in New Mexico - is presently airing and will be given away soon.

It's validating for sure - and since it's not like I live in a place where many of the daily professional challenges can be shared with like professionals (since few exist), he's great to have around and bounce things off of.

Well, This real sad looking photo is from Friday night at Erin and Gregs - over at 50's Ranch #1. For some reason I may be the worst portrait taker ever - still lifes are one thing, put a person in the photo and everything goes haywire.

Anyway, Erin popped up last January, and having never spent anytime looking at or for real estate, decided right then and there to buy 50's Ranch, even though it was only framed up with very little definition.

Gin Martinis, snacks, our baby somewhere doing something worrisome.

What's amazing about our clients is their general taste level - our clients have good taste. Not necessarily expensive tastes cause lord knows money don't buy taste - but just a general soundness to their aesthetic.

Colors, contrast and whimsy.

Girl talk in the kitchen over drinks and sippy cups.

Guy stuff by the fire. Lucas kept running around sticking his fingers in the candles and playing by the fire.

And Jake, Lucas, the vacuum cleaner and sunlight on a Sunny Sunday Morning.

So, it's one thing to take pictures of empty good looking houses after we finish them - it's quite another to revisit a year later after everyone settles in and defines it a little more specifically. Maybe I'll start a "Martinis with your builder" program, where people can invite me over, feed me alcohol, good snacks and good conversation, and then we can snap some post pics of the house with them all saying great things like "What a guy!", "Frankly, genius!!", "Best decision I've made in my life!!!"


  1. Congrats on the praise by Jack. You are right, your clients do have good taste.

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  2. Wow, these home designs are great. Would the materials be available in all areas to build them, or do you have to ship them in?

  3. I'm not quite what you're trying to do with this site. Are you trying to sell real estate, showcase your homes? Regardless I like the photos and the cottages look cool.

  4. Looks like really homely surroundings especially with the fire going. Well done!

  5. that baby looks pretty angry in one of your photos, but still cute
    The Kiper Team

  6. Congrats!! Very homey looking feeling, fireplace looks great. Good Luck!

  7. I think Jack Thomasson is really a very creative designer bringing life to the home. The one that is shown here is really nice. But many sell their homes after building it with extra care for financial reasons.

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  8. Congrats & the house is really awesome with great look & design.

  9. The baby are so cute your house is really beautiful its indeed a home not just a house full of love.

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  11. Wow!! Really a great Design ...
    And Cute baby too..


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