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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blog Cabin 2010

Not saying we are the contractor for the DIY's 2010 Blog Cabin (which will be seen by millions) since that could be interpreted as publicizing my involvement in violation of my contract, but there does seem to be some pictures of our homes in the selection area.

See it here - Blog Cabin

Jeanne and Deb - look familiar - Cottage 14 is Famous link -

Also, looks like Dean at Cottage 13 is gettin his game on in this interactive home design show.

And the boys at Cottage 23 with a their refrigerator and kitchen shot.

So these money shots are now going national.

Blog Cabin is a show where the viewers (web) help design the house, and then in the end the house is given away. The TV show airs in the Fall, and there are 5 independent shows as well, focusing on kitchens, baths, landscaping and great rooms. Can't say we will make it on TV (them damn editors always act like their guys are doing the work) but it should be huge publicity, which never hurts.

If we only had some houses to sell.

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