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Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Homes in a Snow Storm

Last week's snowstorm that buried the mid-atlantic region for the 2nd time in a week touched down here as well, - but since we are a snow hardy breed pretty used to the winter storms, the 5"+ that fell was anti-climatic at best, super annoying at worst (with people talking about it non-stop for days on end). Just after the snow hits is pretty cool - with the snow hanging heavy off of house and tree alike.

Up above is Courtney and Bronson's Cottage 22 that they closed on in October and down below is a 80 yr old cottage that we redid and sold off to Richard and Nancy.

Gotta say it was a pretty good weekend, with my birthday, Valentines day, and soaking in the effects of two closings. In just a week or two we will be unloading Mid-Century Ranch #2.

Down below is Cottage 17.
And Cottage 19.
And our homes under construction - with this big guy coming in at around 2400 sq ft, on 7 acres, with a distinct salute to the Shakers. Lots of porch to come.

Here's the inside, with the wainscotting just get started over the spray foam at the top of the stair landing.

And down below is a micro-cottage with not much micro about its style, land, and design.

Installing the wood planking over the vaulted ceiling with the A team hard at work.

And the Barn House #2 with a fantastic hay colored stain.

Big high ceilings.
And ole Norm playing with big Jake.

Another shot of the barn, looking back to the bedroom up top and the kitchen to the right.

All of these homes are on a dirt road a few miles outside of Barryville. It's probably one of the neatest streets in America, in terms of architectural design and diversity.


  1. Chuck, great shot of the house! Thank you!

  2. I love the look of the barn house. Looking for more pics as it takes shape!