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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sullivan County - State of Emergency. 30" of Snow

What used to be my picket fence in my front yard.

And bel0w, the Snow Fro.

We're working today. We work everyday.


  1. Thanks for the update! It looks like a ton of snow but glad there is electricity! Jeanne

  2. I second Jeanne's thanks. Down here in CT, we've gotten only 6", but it's still snowing like crazy, so we're not through yet.

    How'd you get the beautiful blue cast in your top photo? Gorgeous!

  3. It was really crazy - it's one thing having one house to deal with, but multiply that by 9 and things get hairy quick.

    Went to bed last night thinking we had it whooped (having plowed all the houses all day), but we woke up with another 10" and drifts of 6'.

    Quite amazing, although I do have to admit to a few dad on Christmas Story moments of creative and flamboyant cursing.

  4. We wanted to head up today but hear the roads, I-84 in particular, were in bad shape. Will head out come sun up tomorrow a.m. Jeanne

  5. Nest Dweller - not sure how the blue comes up - some sort of accidental exposure trick that eludes repeating except by accident. Early evening and early morning seem to provoke it most.