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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marketing 101

Lucas Meets Pink Pelicans in Florida

I've been accused on many occasions of having a great marketing mind, and I guess in a way it's true. James and I have a lot of fun coming up with cool angles to demonstrate our creative and construction talents.

Here are some ads that are running for 12 weeks in NY Magazine, and some feedback from people who have discovered us.

"I've been following your homes by internet but by the time I receive an email, most are under contract . Is there a way to avoid this?

Thank you"

"..love your work--been stalking your blog + site for a while now! "

"Saw NY magazine ad.

Spent 3 hours on website and sent link to 100 friends.

Was just about to leave NY, but may have to reconsider."

"these houses are just beautiful! my husband and I would love to have a mini cottage in the catskills

"Hello! We love your homes and are wondering when you might have some for sale...."

and my personal favorite, from a friend of mine.-


You are a genius, my friend.



And the link to the progress at Blog Cabin -

9000 visitors to the website last month - 36,000 page views. Not too shabby for a little business in the middle of NOWHERE.

And an article in our local rag -

1 comment:

  1. Not bad indeed, sir. Love the NYMag ads.

    We're a new rag in town (or whatever you call a rag in the incorporeal ether of the Intertubes), and we've been following your Blog Cabin adventure as well:


    Thought I'd pop by and say hello.