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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cottage 28 and Some Sullivan County Windy Day Pics

If you've been following this blog for the last two weeks (and not part of our paused social media brand extension effort that is stuck in programming nevernever land), then you have been able to see this house rise from the ground to this fine looking structure in about 3 weeks flat. Not bad for a bunch of country boys.

Stapling up the tyvek and laying out the electric. Our local lumber supplier is now stocking pink house wrap, so this house at least will be pink until we put up the siding. Not the exact thing I was hoping for, but I've learned to let it go.... be mellow, calm, understanding in the face of a pink home.

And then I ran across this stripped and pickpocketed barn in one of my favorite valleys of Southern Sullivan County.

The wide angle really allows for some fun approaches -

And then, below, one of my favorite little farms sitting in the valley. I've always liked the way it sits there - all small and cool.

And some links to local news stories about our DIY Project -

Builder Scores TV series.

Ranch House Transformation.

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