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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easter in the Catskills

(Please note this has been reposted due to a facebook feeding issue).

Easter Weekend was exciting, culminating with a big Easter Egg Hunt in our front yard. Pedro, pictured above, proved most adept at egg hunting, racing ahead of the children to find all the no-brainer hiding spots. We had so many eggs over such a small hunt area it was like shooting fish in stocked pond (I think that's the right country cliche I was hunting for). Pedro and his partner David purchased Cottage 23 from us back in November on a property located on 8 acres just behind our house. He did write me the other week indicating that he is an accomplished Tenor, not Soprano, as I inaccurately wrote in a post long ago. We're looking forward to some serious music lessons for Lucas on their piano, since they are both musically inclined.

That's Gavin, the founder and former publisher of Vice Magazine, in the background, looking pretty spiffy in his bowtie. And our Neighbor Theresa was providing security.

Below the pre-party preparations, with lots of threats coming from Lisa about touching the chocolate covered strawberries. Sippy cups on the left, bloody mary glasses on the right.

As can be seen, no such early imbibing rules were placed on the bloody marys, which Chris and I dug into early. Chris and Alison were in for the weekend from Richmond, VA, where Chris runs a store Lisa used to work at (when she used to work - sorry lisa, couldn't stop my fingers from typing). Need Supply Co.

That's our kitchen - pretty fun and well styled. A couple of times when I got way ahead of myself early in business and ended up way behind the eight ball, Lisa's decorating sense definitely helped us sell a house or two.

It was sunny - real sunny. Unseasonably sunny. Duncan and Lucas going for a ride in the red wagon my dad had made for Lucas' first birthday.

Is that Dexter Poindexter or Gavin M?

And Lucas at the Park in Glen Spey.

I'm really falling behind on the blogging this month of April but no worries, I'll catch up. We are busy building Cottage 25, Micro Cottage 3, Farmhouse 13, Barnhouse 2, Cottage 28, stuff at my office, as well as tidying up a few houses we sold over the winter, as well as buying 6 new pieces of land, as well as developing a half dozen new designs, as well as building out the DIY Blog Cabin ranch red0.

Our team is good. And on the construction front, the construction management front, the design front and the development front - can't really be matched - all for the benefit of our customers and clients.


  1. Denise @ Cornerstone TileApril 10, 2010 at 10:54 AM

    The sippy cup/Bloody Mary pic. says it all....
    I did a drive by, at the Blog Cabin, yesterday (delivering materials to the Tile Guy).
    What an Amazing View,nice use of the double sliders. TRUE Story...back in the day (1989),
    I partook in a "Woodstockish" anniversary party at that very same house! Pretty sure is was a good time! ;))

  2. If you don't call taking care of you and Lucas work, then I don't know what is!!??!!

    No martini for you tonight,Chuck.


  3. Chuck? (Charles) = doghouse
    Sorry we missed you today but did survey several of your awesome homes on Tuthill Rd. Most excellent!