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Friday, April 2, 2010

Very Cool Homes

Now, it seems like it should be obvious, but I do want to point out that this blog is a marketing technique/method that we use. It's not supposed to be balanced, fair, weigh-all-options type of narrative. I mean, does Coke feel overly boisterious when it claims to be the Real Thing? Does Apple feel cagey when it's beating up Microsoft? Does Verizon feel guilty when embarrassing the heck out of AT&T? Heck NO! So, I guess what I'm saying is that while this blog is a journal of our journey (or a journey journal), my immodest trumpeting of our frickin' phenomenal success in the teeth of the Greatest Recession Seen Since The Great Depression (news media claim, not mine) is not meant to be interpreted as a reflection of me, - a pretty level-headed, modest, fellow (yea right!). Lisa knows best how arduous this journey has been, and the blog has been a great, unchallenged outlet for a good writer with something to say about the war and victories being waged and won each day/week/year.

Anyway, somewhere over the last year I started using more exclamation points for some reason, like that funny Seinfeld episode.

Here's our office, located in what was the repair garage of the local school district.

After 60+ homes, this shit still happens to us - a fireplace guy broke into one of houses, went through a house with tape and big skull and bones signs indicating not to enter because we had only just stained the floors and although the stain was dry until the polyurethane is applied, it's in an incredible vulnerable condition - the guy proceeded to do this damage to the sheetrock, evidently thinking he was doing us a favor, trying to figure out what was wrong with the non-working gas fireplace.

James and I often joke that we pity the people who try this business up here. It's tough. We make it look easy, but it's tough. Real tough. Even after 7 years.

Here's a pic of my man Tito painting the interior of Micro-Cottage 3. The coat closet on the left and the refrigerator closet on the right are clad with salvaged barn siding. This house is 780 sq ft +/-.

And Richard's 1100 sq ft barn/loft. I love that siding color. Great house, for sure.

Lot of stuff going on inside this home. Upstairs double barn doors on tracks in the 1 bedroom, looking down to the fireplace and the great room happenings.

And Fabulous Cottage 25, coming along nicely. I love it when we experiment with new siding stains and chimney stones and everything works out fine.

A clean organized job site with the wood floors and ceiling wood wall coverings acclimating over a 2 week period. Behind the wood is the wood stove enclosure lined with Bucks County Ledgestone.

And Farm 12, a 2400 sq ft beauty. Funny - we could fit 3 of our homes inside this one - not that this house is so large, actually being less than the size of the average american home, but because some of our other homes are pretty small. Not small in living space, not small in comfort, not small in glory - but small when measured in pure square foot terms.

A pretty significant back porch is planned for this house. Stay tuned.

Jake playing in the stream on this property. The Farm 12 owners just had twins last month, bringing their family to 5.

And here comes Jake up Tuthill Road.

Ferocious. And Fast.

That's it for now. Enjoy the Easter weekend. We are planning an egg hunt or two.


  1. Would you mind sharing the floor plan of Cottage 25? I assume it's similar to 22 in size? I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. You're doing a great job raising a happy dog, a happy son and keeping a wife happy! We love you!
    The President, Co-Chair and Executor of your Fan Club

  3. "Trumpeting"? That's the whole orchestra! :) (And justifiably so.)

  4. ND - where you been? stop over for a drink

  5. Hell to the YEAH! I'll let you know the next weekend we're up. I'm in rehearsals for a production of John Patrick Shanley's "Italian-American Reconciliation" playing out in the 'burbs. Awesome show... very Nu Yawk. Can't wait to meet Lisa, the tyke and the dog.

  6. Denise @ Cornerstone TileApril 8, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    I LOVE the stain color of the siding & chimney stone choice of Cottage 25. Looks FRESH & has great contrast to the green of the pines.
    Nice job.