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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wide Angle Extravaganza Part Deux

Cottage 28 with the big sky. Framing lumber in the ready.

Below, Cottage 24 with the final grading just complete and the hay mulching shading the grass that will be growing shortly. Green grass, sagey green house, and soon to be green trees.

Norm working hard getting the land regraded. Lots of times after winter there is lots of work to do on each piece of land and house that we sold over the winter, when the 'final grade' was impossible. Norm's one of the good guys - we have bad guys work for us as well - this guy Ken who did some siding jobs for us before getting kicked off the job has been calling the DIY network for some reason or another, using that same old 'public humiliation' ploy I've been subjected to many times over the years. So this guy Ken does a shitty job, his tyvek actually blows off the house, he sends me an outrageous bill which does not jive with the work he's done, and then when I don't pay, he spends his idle time (which is more or less all his time) calling up the network to tell his story.

Sorry Ken - seen that movie many times before. Although, I guess a confrontation would be great television. I can't even count all the ways I've been threatened over the years -

Modern Ranch #2, sitting high on the hill, perched, cantilevered, balanced on the side of the hill.

And Cottage 20 - wide lens, little house, big sky.

Cottage 24 from down the hill.

And the driveway to our new house.

So, I'm watching American Idol and it's a terrible series of 'inspirational songs' being song slowly and badly. Thank god for the fast forward and dvr.

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