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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barn House #2 - SOLD

I know, I know - this fantastic one of a kind piece of architecture (our 60th fantastic one of a kind piece of art) doesn't interest the lifestyle editors and the real estate editors at the NY Times, but what can you do. For us, it's just another day, another cool house, another new homeowner getting their upstate getaway groove on.

Another house sale. Our 4th this year, and the first of 4 that will be coming home here in the next 5 weeks.
Richard the homeowner found us after the big NY Post article about our company and one of our homeowners - which is a testament to the power of the press. It was a pretty good article and we were designing and dreaming about the potential of this barn house, the 2nd of the series.

We started construction on the house back in November, just before the winter hit. A lot of times sometime soon after Halloween it gets a little dicey since the weather can change real fast, and the last thing you want to do is get caught with your pants down, an exposed foundation partially complete, with the footers exposed to frost heaves. But subdivision took some time with this request and that request by the local town. But we hired the right people and got 'er done, just in the nick of time. We then proceed to start 4 homes, and like I said above, we will be closing on them one at a time here for the next 5 weeks.

I love the color of this house - and, below, you can see the genius. What a great morning to be snapping some shots with the WAL (wide angle lens, duh).

This one bedroom loft like barn has a lot of neat Catskill Farms features - a couple of sliding barn doors, one downstairs for the pantry and the other upstairs in order to open up the bedroom to below. Great yellow again. Richard really nailed the yellow.

I mean, when we sell a house, it's tight - it's finished - it's turnkey.

The thing about this barn house is it's got great lines, and pretty terrific symmetry. Reminds me a girl I used to know on Martha's Vineyard where I spent a few summers farming in my barefeet during college.

And the bedroom.

Vantage from up top. This house has gotten a lot of rave reviews from people who write me emails and sneak after us peeking in windows and taking afternoon tours of our homes on Sundays.

Chalkboard door, and sliding barn door, all in 0ne shot.

Simple bathroom below with subway tile, wainscotting, 5 panel door and hand made cross buck door with large black iron strap hinges.

This small little awning windows were a great design choice by the owner. They really worked in this space, and provide a lot of privacy and a lot of light.

Basement are big and clean and most times our buyers from the city (more or less all of our buyers) are awed by the basement space.

And everyone loves their washer and dryers.

Heck of a house. Heck of winter getting it done. Heck of an effort by the whole team from Catskill Farms to bring another one home on time, and on budget. Pretty amazing that we are always singing the same old tune - great house, great designs, great value, on budget, on time.

Like Randy Jackson would say - 'great song choice, dog. you really nailed it.'


  1. This may be my favorite design to date. Love, love, love the ceilings!!!

  2. YO - Sister, what up? Presently sitting on my new Eames chair you bequethed me. interesting that bequethed is being marked as spelled wrong - looks right to me.

  3. Just for the record..... it's "bequeathed". But your thank-you was eloquent, anyhow. :o)