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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Construction - R - US

Here's my new cow painting, hanging nicely above my type writer collecetion, set against the board and batton walls. The Painting came from an artist Lisa and I really enjoy (I was going to write "Lisa and I's favorite local artist', but the correct grammer got too complicated). We bought it at the River Gallery in Narrowsburg, run by Tony and Barry. It's one of my favorite stores in the region. I'm a pretty picky shopper, but everytime I frickin walk in there, Tony's got something 'right back here' that 'you're gonna love', and the guy is right - I'm always walking out his store with a big painting.

Office taking shape nicely. Interesting material arrangement - board and batton on the rear wall, sheetrock on the right, and corrugated sheet metal on the left. Polished and stained concrete, with radiant heat, a stained wood ceiling, and a Mid-Century Eames chair to nicely complete the room.

Cottage 28 is way past the point of this picture, but I always love the booms, and lifts and stuff that facililate our efforts.

And this is a lovely picture from the rear right angle. It's a little dining room off the kitchen, with tile floors, lots of windows and a cathedral ceiling. It's a great shape. We found humungus bear prints in the mud around this house the other day. I was half expecting the bear to be sitting at a table inside the house.

Cottage 25 is moving right along and we should be turning the home over to Steve here in the next few weeks. Not much left to finish.

And the porch of all porches at Farmhouse 12. Rounded, exposed rafters. Just the right size for lots of diverse activities. Their kids are going to love this porch - actually maybe the parents will, now being able to just 'stick the kids on the porch'. Inside is done, and just need to paint and finish the grading on the land.

Tito and his helper painting the brick fireplace.

And, since we don't waste time, here is the foundation of Ranch 3 - our newest mid-century masterpiece. It's going under contract here shortly.

Nice lot, with great views, just a few miles outside of Narrowsburg, NY.

And here's Mark, our local floor sanding craftsman. We're lucky to have him - he makes our floors look great. He's at our offices here, on a Thursday afternoon, and I needed it resanded, stained, and 3 coats of poly by Monday Morning. Of course, no problemo. Note Jake, who has become a real camera whore.

This is a cool construction photo, below - usually, it's man and his machine. Here is just machine, in an empty room.

I love when they write about upstate. I'm immediately swamped by emails and phone calls. Thanks New York Times - it's much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


  1. Denise@Cornerstone TileMay 20, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    After a closer look at the "cow"...I think it is actually a BULL (note the horns), appropriately placed above the Boss's desk.
    "Strong Like Bull" or however else it may be interpreted. j/k..love you guys ;))
    The Porch looks magnificent.

  2. Actually, after reading the Times article, I take that back. It's an awful article - actually, the antithesis of what we aim for - modest, understated assimilation. Maybe it was the writer's fawning, maybe it was the subject, but it gave me the creepy crawlies.