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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep those Doogies Moving -

Our latest and greatest and last ad in the New York Magazine, a 13 week run that I thought was really pretty neat. I mean, we owned it - no one upstate was running ads, and here we were - this itty bitty little red engine pulling out a 13 week 1/2 page ad run.

We are doing a lot of building, and it looks like we will be doing so for the foreseeable future, having just consummated two new deals, as well as probably another big one on the short term horizon.

Here's the pink house - and if you can remember back when they put this pink house wrap up, I bemoaned the fact since now the house was going to be pink until we got the siding up.

In the foreground is the 1998 Rav that I bought when I moved up here in 2002. Drove it for 130,000 miles, Lisa learned how to safely drive in the snow in it (she's from Virginny), -although come to think of it she was one of the few people who could get that car stuck - it was virtually stick free, with it's all-wheel drive, etc... Then Juan, who is back in Guatemala with his kids, bought it from us, and now Job, Juan's protege bought it from him - and it lives on and on. Seriously, nothing like a reliable car to help you get ahead of the game.

Here's Ed, really 'pouring it on' for the camera. His grimace from the weight of the board is a bit overkill in my book. This is the 2nd day of floor laying, and we will finish it up today. That's the good and bad thing about small houses - they go quick, and that means a shorter construction time, but it also means you gotta be on your game in regards to administration - every two days brings a new phase.

The upstate landing with the sheetrock art and wood ceilings. Anytime I can steal a little space from the bedrooms and give a little to the upstairs foyer, I do it - in terms of space give-back, that intangible feedback that sells homes, and inspires buyers (actually one and the same thing) - a little knowledge goes a long way.

Looking into the mbr and the upstairs bath. There's another half bath in this Cottage 28 - a 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom wonder.

And the bedroom, with lots of light, and big high ceilings.

And we are not wasting anytime on Ranch III - a 1200 sq ft 2 bedroom on a concrete slab with radiant heat, super insulation and secret little house spot that fits the home like only a builder with 70 homes under his belt could manage.

We got John coming through the ultra May green with the secondary electric, bringing power to the home so the rest of us can work like gentlemen.

And Rich the plumbing and heating maestro surveying his slab rough in, just about ready to put the piping under air pressure to check for any leakage. His co-worker behind him always runs from the camera, like he's the subject of America's Most Wanted episode.

First the dig, then the footings, then the foundation, then the stone tamped, then the waste and vent lines, then the slab electric outlets, then the insul-tarp, then the slab wire, then the radiant heat and then the slab - and then the frame goes up. Won't be long.

And this 2400 sq ft home that has been in the works on Tuthill Road since last November is reaching the closing table tomorrow. Not much more really needs to be said.

Tito is wrapping up the back porch with his magic painting brush.

And Cottage 25, with the screened porch for bug free dining and cocktails. Rough cut locally harvested porch railings.

Handhewn stair posts, red kitchen, ledgestone wood stove nook.

A bold red kitchen, that really works.
And the room that will serve many purposes I'm sure.

And our newest Cottage, this 960 sq ft pretty cool design is up for grabs - that's right - unspoken for. That's right, unsold. That's right - a cottage for sale.

8 acres in the town of Lumberland, in the hamlet of Barryville. Just another little piece of magic in the middle of nowhere.

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