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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ode to Ole Yeller

I bought the rusty school bus repair garage for the Eldred School District back in 2008 or so. It was an ugly 25 yr old rusty steel structure. Since then we have rehabbed and renovated section by section, this latest fix-up was a consequence of sometimes having 5 people and a dog and subcontractors, delivery men and a million other folks working in a 300 sq ft space, with computers, filing cabinets, dog beds, a cactus, blueprints, printers, copiers, etc...

Above, the space with polished concrete and two refurbished spaces. it's kind of like a house inside a house.

And then when I was inside Farm 12 reviewing some odds and ends, and tree fell on one of my trucks (it was very windy yesterday). Not cool at all.

And there goes Old Yellow - my very first truck I owned after relocating to Sullivan County. Now a few of you know the story, how I bought this yellow truck, the only 2 wheel-drive vehicle in this 4-wheel drive territory. Well, she did good - I beat it up good, ran it hard, and she kept on ticking (besides getting stuck on completely flat surfaces when they got a little slick). When you are just starting a business, the last thing you need are unreliable and costly vehicles, and old yellow did just fine (so did my '98 Rav, which gave us 150k miles before we sold it to Juan, who sold it to Job - it's still out on the road, looking good).

A local mechanic took it away for me and gave me $250, cash. The end of an era for me. So long Ole Yeller - you done good.

And my new office, with a superb mid-century chair, and a shelf to display my old school type-writer collection that has been warehoused for years. I should be moved in by late next week.


  1. Very cool... 'cept for the tree/gravity part.

  2. Tony and LaurieMay 9, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    Hey Chuck
    Your offices look great! .... got us thinking about the basement project - and would like to get your thoughts about the polished concrete for flooring with some cool area rugs. What do you think vs the wood idea? Could be a fun rec space without the worry of trashin the place.
    Let us know
    Tony & Laurie

  3. Hey Susie - thanks for chirping in. Your blog looks great.

    and t&l, I mean, after this concrete finisher knocked it out of the park with his quality finish, I love the look, for sure. I'd say the one draw back for you all is that the crete could get pretty cold without some heat in it. My crete's got radiant.

    I'll say it once, and I'll say it again - I love carpet in a basement - a nice soft earthy brown or dark sagey green.

    Thanks for writing. As always, I'm a big softy for comments.

  4. Sweet space~I'm partial to concrete and metal. Is the interior of your office metal siding? Haven't thought about using it for an interior wall, looks really cool. We put concrete floors up/downstairs in our rehab in progress (no carpet needed...Florida + cold concrete floors = aahhh). I have to agree with you on the mid-century chair, it IS superb. Donna