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Saturday, May 15, 2010

TV Interview

Wow, ok, now we are on TV - Channel YNN is an affliate of NY1, which covers the upstate region and they just added Sullivan County to their coverage area - which is great, since this area has zippo local news, at least zippo local news in a timely fashion. I mean a hurricane could come through and unless it hit us, we wouldn't know until the paper came out at the end of the week, or a neighbor happened to mention it.

So the TV reporter, Lori Chung, is from Brooklyn and took a job at YNN out of the Middletown office, in order to have the opportunity to spread her wings as a TV journalist, and she's in charge of finding local stories.

So, she found us, and it's a 2 minute spot about Blog Cabin 2010. For those of you who don't know which interviewee is me, just look for the handsome guy saying a lot of smart, insightful things.

Now, one thing about this link, is the first time you watch it (since it's primarily TV, not web-based), there's a lot of buffering and I just about threw my computer out the window when I watched it - I recommend letting it play once while shaving or showering, then coming back to watch it after it ran once, - the 2nd time seems to run fine, the first time download sucks.

Enjoy. YNN TV Spot.

And our latest DIY Vlog, with guest star James K.


  1. Don't forget the little people. They still make great martinis. :-)