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Friday, June 25, 2010

Barn III - Going into Contract

Well, I was going to write a blog about how we have developed this great new Barn House, the 3rd in our series, and how it was for sale and some lucky devil was going to get to own it, and enjoy it.

And then Gary and Nikki visited and signed up for it.

So, that's 7 home sales this year, and we got 3 in the oven (under contract), and another house or two to build for families on their land (as opposed to ours).

Bill Payne from McKean Real Estate in Barryville and I were out looking for more land this morning since it seems like the stuff I got is flying off the shelf. Bill brokered for the land this Barn is on, as well as 6 other lots over the last 6 months - we brokered the house deal ourselves. Thanks for the help Bill. Thanks for the help McKean Real Estate in Barryville. They keep helping me find great land, and I keep building terrific little houses.

I mean, our house process is down to a science at this point, - pick a style, pick a piece of land, pick a house that is already started, make some important but well-guided decisions, move-in in 5 months from 1st visit, get a warranty that covers everything, and live happily ever after.

No wonder were selling our homes like hotcakes - we make it soooooo easy.

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