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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big Day

I mean, I have big days, and then I have real big days when all our small efforts and successes really just come together in a grand old waltz across the southern veranda.

Here's Cottage 25 - Sold. Our last house on Tuthill Road, a 44 arce piece of pretty terrific land that I bought at the height of the Real Estate panic last March. We then went on to build probably one of the most architecturally diverse projects in existence, any where, Period. Big house, small house, a barn, a couple of mini-cottages, a micro, a few cottages and a farmhouse. As well as renovating the 1920's cottage that was already living on the property. Not bad for the biggest real estate crash in the history of the ole USA, not bad at all.

Lisa Lucas and I were in the city to take care of some business, which included stopping off at Google NYC headquarters in Chelsea in order to sign a big house contract. The Google was pretty cool with lots of micro-kitchens scattered about, a big game room with massage chairs and ping pong, and what I thought was pretty cool was this non-descript section of the building where there was a museum of sorts with an assortment of computers throughout the ages, with accompanying-sized floppy discs. It's just really amazing how fast computers have progressed.
Also, I got Lisa a Droid smart phone, our first smart phone in the family. While I was there like 40 people came in to get on the waiting list for the 4th Generation IPhone.

One of our favorite hotels is the W at Union Square. Room 1212. In the corner room please. Althougt I did get a frickin ticket, while next to my car, while loading up.

and I always wait to get my haircut til I go on vaca since half the time I can't get a decent cut up here. Ibiza, just off Union Square, is one of my favorite spots for my hair care.

Then off to the Javits Center for the other piece of Business that called to me from the Big Apple. Seems Ecotech Spray Foam, the insulation company I started last February, was awarded a Special Honorable Mention by NY House magazine, and they were giving out the awards at the NYC Building Show. The award we recieved was for "Green Product with Greatest Local Impact" - with the judges noting that this new business created more competition in a green industry that sorely needed it, and that our marketing and education increased the awareness of the importance of insulation when greening a building.

And then off for a quick nap, and then Martini-Time down at the Bar - Olives - at the W, with my friend Zach.

Then his hot Yale Dr girlfriend met up with us and we hit Matsuri for dinner, Buddakan for drinks and then one of my favorite haunts, Ino's, on Bedford Street for late night Paninis and wine.

My famous late night growl...

And then a few shot of the man who is growing up pretty quick -

So we closed on a house, signed a house-build contract, are working on a huge spray foam job, got a green award, and had a good time in the City. Not bad for a Wednesday.


  1. Cottage 25 is absolutely awesome -- possibly my favorite of all the builds on your website. Your green award is majorly impressive! Warning: your little guy's come-hither eyelashes are a signal to prepare to fend off the little girls. Your Wednesday was indeed a genuine, more-than-huge day. Congratulations.

  2. Charles!!! Damn, you're looking handsome. Glad you had a great few days in the city. Great pics :-)

  3. Ok - I don't know who put what in the kool-aid, but this being nice to Charles thing really works for me. Pile it on, as far as I'm concerned.

    A lot better than being ostracized by people I build dream homes for.