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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Monday

The 4th TV show is filming this week - DIY's Kitchen Impossible. We've hosted so far "Bathastic!", "Indoors Out", "House Crashers" and this weeek is the kitchen show. One more to go - the front yard and then we wrap up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Lot's of camera's, lots of junk food that sustains the production company, and lots of logistical hurdles.

I mean, each show has an entirely different cast and crew so there is little continuity and efficiencies to be had - each one was like a job onto it's self.

Also, the DIY's Blog Cabin 2010 is sort of the umbrella show, which each of these sub-shows popping in for a quick visit. Blog Cabin will run as a series in the fall, and each of the individual rooms will run as new episodes and then as reruns. So it's a ton of press and tv time for the area for sure - how we fair on tube time, we will have to wait and see.

Below is the 20 acre piece of land that Marcus and family purchased, then shopped their homebuilding dream around extensively, found us, vetted us, and choose us. It'll be a great job, on a spectacular piece of land.

And then my house in the early morning after a night of loud thunderstorms.

It's been a whale of a social summer and this weekend we had the Eastburn's from New Hope PA in town. They have 6 yr old twins. That's a pear tree we planted for Lucas off to the left, and then our 'starter garden' further to the left.

Inside of our home.

Cottage 29 is rocking the house - 8 acres, 970 sq ft. Open, lofty. the only small house we currently have available.

Barn III taking shape, and like I mentioned, was signed up for last week by Gary and Nikki. Big first site meeting this weekend.

Here's a house we remodeled back in 2007. It was a small house before small houses were cool, had lake rights and views. It was an eye-opener, that yes, small houses are people too.
Back then, no matter what type of budget you had (large or small), if you wanted a small well designed private home, - you wouldn't find anything, nothing, noonka, zippo. Now everyone has hopped on the small is cool jag, even the big boys like Toll Bros, Hovanian, KB Homes, etc...

My Sister then came up on Saturday and stayed through Sunday, hitting Diane's diner and the Callicoon farmers market.

And Lisa acting out in our front yard.

Had a great dinner with our neighbors in Cottage 23, David and Pedro, on Monday night. They are both into music and design, and their home is just pretty fabulous. 1300 sq ft of perfection.


  1. Charles Lyon Petersheim, you told me you deleted that picture. Take it down now or ass kicking will occur!


  2. Lyon?

    (insert muffled giggling)

    PS - Cottage 29 is one of my favorites. The "gull-wing" staircase is gonna look freakin' incredible when finished.