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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Drinks and Food Place in Yulan

Since I have so many clients residing in the Barryville area, I thought I would give a shout out to the opening of a great new meeting place - an old school tavern that Lisa, Lucas, Theresa and me checked out last night.

Bakers Tap Room II
is awesome, casual, busy, with a great vibe. I recommend it without hesitation, especially since it is literally 5 minutes away for most of our customers. Add this to El Castellos, the Carriage House and the River Mart, Barryville is turning into the dining mecca of Sullivan County.


  1. Hey Chuck,

    A bunch of us gals went to the Spring House last night where they now serve cold beer and have live music on the porch. They also serve breakfast until closing. Stay tuned for marjuarita nights. Maybe martini nights too?! Great way to watch the River and spend quality time with friends. See you soon for some badminton?

  2. Shane & Jim are wonderful as is their fabulous food. Lisa (Shanes wife) is a sweety. The waitstaff rocks as well.

    Wanted to also shout out about the Yulan Country Store (deli & breakfast) just about a half mile further at the four corners in Yulan next to the Crossroads. Hank & Sue sure make you feel welcome.

  3. Many thanks for the Tap Room info and link. News to me, and we always love trying new places.

  4. Gotta second the thumbs-up for the Yulan Country Store... if you haven't had Hank's Philly Cheeseteak Sandwich, you haven't lived. I'm serious: better than Philly. Serious.

    Hey, can we mention Tre Alberi in Barryville as well? I've been there three times and each meal was excellent.

    ...and while we're at it: Torte Knox in Hawley. No lie, one of the best meals I've ever had.

  5. @ nest,

    As a former Narrows burg resident who now Presides in Philly, "Say it ain't so" I live around the corner from the best cheese steak restaurant in all Philly and no, its not Pat's or Geno"s