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Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood...

DIY's TV show we are working on is taking this boring old period ranch and trying to snaz it up a bit with a full on renovation. There are actually 6 shows being filmed at this house in Bethel NY, with 6 separate film and production crews, 6 different hosts/talent and 6 separate schedules. I'd never thought I'd say 'construction is easy compared to this', but without a doubt, construction is easy compared to this.

We had 3 days to take the backyard of this ranch and make it pop. Final pics not allowed till the show airs, of course.

It's funny - because of the production priorities and schedules, the master bed and bath are completely finished and furnished, and so is the back yard. Everything else is still early construction.

Then we just finished up Farmhouse 12, and the family is coming up for the first weekend. Here's Norm and the gang finishing the grade and planting the grass. He looks comfortable supervising, which is dangerous.

Then we got Cottage 25 rounding the home stretch for a mid june closing.

Floors looking good after being stained and polyed.

Cottage 28 moving right along, - the trim phase (doors, windows, crown) etc... happening next week.

And Ranch III with the radiant tubing in the slab, which was poured today.

And then sweet little Cottage 29 taking shape nicely.

Well, that's what we are up to. Great frickin' spring weather. We are able to fire on all cylinders with weather like this.

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