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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bears, Beer and Houses

Da bear, just up from our house.

A farmhouse we just started up in Callicoon, NY - somewhere above Callicoon Center and North Branch, not too far from Jeffersonville, NY.

Cottage 28, finishing up. Should be complete some time next week and we hope to have the owners in by the first week of August.

Barn III.

Ranch III being insulated.

The EcoTech spray foam guys. All of our homes have spray foam - normally a $6k upgrade from any typical builder. Insulation is the building block of Green Building.

Cottage 29 looking sharp. 8 acres, 960 sq ft, lots of porch. $270k.

That's it. Enjoy the weekend.

Badminton Anyone? I'm so tired of beating up on Lisa - it's sad, like the story my dad tells me of having to play dolls with his sister so they would play catch with him.

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