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Friday, July 9, 2010

Great FeedBack

This comment was so good I thought I'd give it its very own thread to highlight this thoughtfully articulated opinion of our efforts -

"wow you must be the smartest guy in the catskills. how can you even look at the locals .
do you also import fake friends from the city so as you have people with your intellegence level to talk to.
this blog is a joke with blather and self promotion that is way over done. pat yourself on the back some more why dont you.

About the 'smartest guy in the catskills', well, they said it, not me. And I would spend even more time patting my self on the back, but I'm pretty busy building and selling designing great getaways.

HOT. That's the only word for the last few days.


  1. As a lifetime local (but not a customer nor a friend), I am very much in appreciative awe of what you and Catskill Farms bring to the area. You've changed this place for the better, and anyone who's taken the time to actually look into your business and its impacts immediately recognizes that.

    I know you don't place any stock in unconstructive naysayers -- you rightfully display such jealous, unhappy folks for the world to see for the miserable souls they are -- but it's frustrating that people only seem to write when they have something negative to say.

    Not here, not now. Keep up the great work, and may luck, skill and success stay with you for years to come -- because it spreads around to the rest of us, too!

  2. The amazing houses sell themselves but this blog and your continued enthusiasm (and desire to share it) is just the icing on the cake.

    Keep it up. It's working...the buzz continues to roll down the hill like a gathering avalanche.

  3. Denise @Cornerstone TileJuly 9, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    hahaha, maybe he meant SMART ASS ;)
    J/K you know we love ya...you just left that one wide open...I had to go for it!

  4. This blogger made sure we realize the "smartest guy in the Catskills" is definitely not him!

  5. you guys are too good to me. I'd make emails like that up if I knew I'd get such support from the gallery!

  6. don't be intimidated by the written word

  7. some people are such haters