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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Typical Friday

You know, we are just sitting around minding our own business and winding down a busy week when two movie stars clients pop in to say hello. They walked over from Crawford Road with their dog, Ollie. David was an early customer -snapping up Cottage 6 - and turned Gavin and Albert onto us as well.

But topping that was the purchase of our new 3500 Dumptruck/plow truck with the Catskill Farms insignia, shadowed by the 5-Bay barn we built last year.

Don't know if we can ride this wave of good luck forever, but we definitely used to deflationary pressures of the Great Recession to position ourselves for the next uptick, and it should keep the 'competition' in the distance.

As always, we made a lot of progress last week - working our behinds off on several fronts. Cottage 29, Cottage 28, Ranch III, Mitchell Farmhouse, shop alterations, Barn III and starting clearing and driveway installation on a few new building lots.

Here's some shots of the 960 sq ft living large cottage 29. It has 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths and nearly 8 acres. It's a money shot away from both Barryville and Eldred, about 1:45 from the Upper West Side. It's currently for sale, listed at $270,000.

Pretty cool getaway, with some neat flow and openness.

My nephew Josh was up for the week, testing the waters of this thing called work. He's 15 and off to the left of the pic below.

Gary and Nikki, the future owners of Barn III, are coming up to check out the serious progress at Barn III. Cedar shake siding turns this Barn into something pretty fancy - add on the screened-in back porch and the dog run we plan and building and whoa, ride 'em cowboy.

Spray foam insulation, and big open spaces. Like I've mentioned before, our homes are the greenest out there - I would pit their performance side by side with any home being built out there. Gentlemen, start your engines.

Our organic-based soy spray foam is standard in our homes and ranks us among the few builders who consider such upgrades standard.

The sheetrock phase has begun.

Barn III has two bedrooms and a full bath downstairs, and a bath and awesomely huge upstairs loft space.

Cottage 28 is all wrapped up. We started this home on April 5, finished it up mostly by mid-July, which is my finger counting is working this morning, that adds up to 3 months. Since Denzil and Carolyn are 'in the business' in NYC, they were pretty complimentary about our speed, thoroughness, communication, and administration.

As Mr. Mitchell, whose been building in Washington DC for a few decades, said a few weeks back - development, design & construction really is a 'communication business'.

Frankly, I love this house. It's the perfect little house on the perfect piece of land. Great Color. Great lines.

1300 sq ft of highbrow modesty.

And Ranch III is rocking the house - just about turning that corner to the home stretch. I haven't been able to get many super great shots because it has been moving so fast, but after next week and the stained concrete project (yes, you heard that right) - it's picture perfect ready.

And our DIY TV project has wrapped up and will be Airing on August 19 - it's a 2 hr special covering the entire renovation.

Super hot house. I'd live there in a second.

And the Mitchell farmhouse on 20 acres - big by our standard measurements, but about standard for America's sq ft yardstick. We are flying on this one -

I think why we do ok over the last 2 years is because the proof, as they way, is in the puddin'. And the puddin' is being mixed and made on a daily basis, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

A lot of things get in our way - but nothing stops us, or for that matter, nothing really even slows us down.

Barn Fest at the Ramsey Farm in Lew Beach tonight.

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