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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charleston, Atlanta, And a Stranger's Note

Hot, wet and humid - and no, I'm not describing my first spring break fling at Panama City. I'm describing the Town I have been dying to visit for at least 20 years - a town wedged in my mind as Southern, Sleepy and Romantic.

Seldom does such a lengthy build-up reveal a city that can live up to such an advance billing, but Charleston exceeded any measuring stick I mentally set. Beside the Indian food delivery guy taking 12 minutes to take my order in a perfectly southern fashion, it was perfect. It even rained half the days, and was a typical sweltering 98 plus humidity on the moments when not raining. Like a frickin' brick wall of heat when you stepped

Above is King Street, and below is obviously Mr. King's car, shadowed by the cannons that protected the Battery during the mid 1850's.

I can't say I got any super inspired architectural ideas, although I did love the architecture. A lot big stuff, ornamental stuff, old stuff, but no perfect low country bungalows that I saw. Granted, I was kind of memorized by the glitz of Old Town, probably not the place where the little cottages were typically built.

On the pic below, Lucas was cooling off in the community fountain, playing around with lots of other southern kids. He's learning a lot of words and he just really took a liking to 'poo poo', so whenever Lisa and I are going into a bathroom, with or without him, to do whatever, he starts screaming 'poo poo - poo poo' - Lisa said she was reduced to saying 'no lucas, it's only pee pee' a few times while traveling just to make it clear to all the other people hearing this exchange.

And at the Charleson aquarium.

And after a hot morning walking round. Lucas loves his leisure. Lisa and I seem to choose towns we can walk around in - Charleston, Key West, Florence, Portsmouth NH. I like to pick up one of those multi-colored tourist maps when we first arrive and then trace or mark every road/alley or street we walk during our trip so we see as much as possible. Lisa thinks its embarrassing, like wearing black socks and tennis shoes on vacation. She's square that way.

Lucas is a bit of a drama queen, so after the flash went off in his eyes once, he then proceeded to close his eyes any time a camera came near.
Then we were heading down to Savannah GA on a day road trip, but ended up in Beaufort SC which was pretty cool, on the water and a great place to waste an afternoon. There are a bunch of islands that stretch out beyond it.

Lucas loves hotels, loves to run down the halls of hotels, loves to push the buttons on hotel elevators and loves to scream as he is running around. This is our hotel in Atlanta, the real destination of our trip - where one of Lisa's 4 cousins was getting married. I, on the other hand, have 94 first cousins.

Some weddings are big and fancy, some are perfectly planned, others at exotic destinations - this one between Paul and Lindsey was all the above, but mostly was one of those weddings that seem to reinforce the institution in general - you could feel the emotion of the participants.
So, that about wraps up our trip. Caught up on the latest Blog Cabin episodes on DIY - first the kitchen show, now the living room show - both seemed like a lot people taking credit for our design and workmanship, but hey, I guess that's Hollywood (although this show is out of Tennessee). Barely a mention so far (although pretty much everyone on the team has had a little face time, or since they are mostly working, butt and back time), but we have high hopes for the end of September finale.

Stopped in Lancaster PA to see the folks on the way home and arrived home to his intriguing letter in our mailbox -

"Hi -
I stopped in front of your house yesterday and took some pictures. My inlaws owned the house in the 70's and 80's. What a great job you have done to the property. The red roof over the porch is spectacular! What an eye-catcher and I love the soft green of the siding. We used to bring our 4 boys there when they were young and they always talk about the good times we had there. For many years the house seemed to be empty and unkept. It is great to see it taken car of and improved so much. i hope you have many happy years enjoying your home."

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