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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cottage 28 has left the building - SOLD

Oh my Cottages, let me count the ways -
Cottage 25 Sold in February.
Cottage 20 Sold in February.
Ranch II Sold in February.
Micro 3 Sold in April.
Barn II Sold in March.
Farm 12 Sold in May.
and Now Cottage 28, sold in August.
Also, have contracts on Barn III and Ranch IV,
and most perfectly, perhaps another 3 signed commitments this week.

Cottage 28 started on April 5 - and was completed in Mid-July. 3 months from raw land to polished perfection. Even the Haters can't take that type of seriousness of purpose away from us.

Denzil and Carolyn came to us one Saturday with a warning - they told right out that if they like what we are doing, they have a bad habit of just doing it, having purchased real estate before. So, they liked what we were doing, and now they are just cooling it on the front porch, just a few short months later.

And this house is great - I love the hayish yellow, the bucks county ledgestone, the front metal porch, the stone on the foundation, the on-demand water heater, the slicked out glass shower.

As with all our homes at this point, we deliver them finished beyond any gray area. Clean, appliances working, grass growing, full tank of propane.

This Cottage has a walk-out, so the basement can be finished off for some nice space. Not that you need a walk-out to finish off the basement, it just adds a nice element to it.

It's amazing how many inspectors and bosses I have - the building inspector, the septic inspector, the homeowner inspector (or sometimes most problematic, historically, the homeowner's Dad), the nosy neighbor inspector, etc... We toe the line for sure, doing a daily garbage check not just on the site, but the roads leading up to the houses as well.

We've had great building weather for the last few months. Hot, dry, production-oriented weather.

Good pic of a finished house. Chalkboard doors, fireplace, cable rail, kitchen island.

Wine rack in the island. Now that's a nice touch.

Hand-hewn posts.

Funky backsplash and sliding barndoor, with radiator back in the corner in front of some wainscotting.

I think I mentioned this before, but one of our homeowners thinks we are jerks because we keep getting better, and she resents the fact that we are innovative and her home doesn't have all the cool tweaks that the homes 4 years later have. I mean, that's an absurd proposition, by any measure.

This Cottage in the woods is 1260 sq ft, lives on 5+ acres, has 1.5 baths, full basement, separate dining room that leads directly to the deck, 2 bedrooms, cool driveway approach.

I know I've said it 100 times, but this whole open basement idea of Courtney and Bronson's has totally reinvented our little homes by keeping the flow going. Then with some rock treatment at the bottom - now you got something. It adds a bunch to our cost of the home, but so does the prewired audio, the security system, the low heat alarm, the stone chimney chases, the wood siding, the wrap-around porches. It's value, done efficiently, and offered at the best cost we can. An amazingly boring proposition that works.

Glad to report that Bakers Tap Room outside of Yulan seems to be staying busy. Not easy for restaurants to survive up here.

The dining room with it's high white washed ceiling and stained wide plank floors.

The five panel doors with black hardware.

Going up the stairs. One thing we try to do, regardless of the size of the home, is to keep a little space, a little elbow room, at the top of the stairs. Even at the expense of little space lost in the bedrooms - it's just such a nice thing to have, instead of a cramped little hallway.

And granddaddy shower, with the half-wall, and glass shower walls, and Denise's special tile border.

Cool sink.

Powder room.

And some simple kitchen shelves to finish it all off.

24 months into the Great Recession and Catskill Farms continues to rock the house, providing these perfect little getaways that work. Our quality at this point and time has reach a state of near perfect quality control, and the challenge will be to remain this attention-to-detail, get-it-done-right-the-first-time company that we have grown to be.

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