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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many Hats I Wear

So 7:30am was a meeting with Al the tree guy to go over some tree cutting, tree topping needs I have to cut open a view for Lot 11, on LakeRidge Road. This guy climbed a 60' skinny tree to rescue our kitten in the time it took me to drive home from the office, which is two miles max. Ruby the cat that was rescued as a kitten from a trap in Brooklyn spent more than 24 hours up that tree.

Then over the the Mitchell Farmhouse, renamed as of this moment the Callicoon Farmhouse, to meet with the security system guys, the HVAC guys, the plumbers, the electricians and our carpenters. The building inspector popped in for a review as well.

Then over to DIY Blog Cabin house, to meet up with the building inspector for one final CO walk-thru, which we passed without issue.

Then over to the Bethel building department to drop off my Certificate of Occupancy affidavit in order to receive that all important CO document.

Then to office to meet with the outside salesperson from Superior Lumber in Neversink who is pricing a 'new skin' for our office building.

Then took a call from Jason who is installed 60 ornamental grasses at the office in the next few days.

Then met with my architect to discuss Shack #2, and a miniature version of Benoist's house for Ase.

Now off to inspect the final trim work at Cottage 29, then a newspaper interview revolving around DIY project and then that's it, I guess.

Lots of places for things to get really screwed up when you move everyday in so many directions. Chaos management - take it too far and it's sure to cost you money, and not far enough and you sure to miss some serious opportunities.

1 comment:

  1. Don't most big corporations refer to "chaos management" as "multi-tasking"? Yes, as a worker for one, I think they do. :)

    PS - The bowler looks great on you!