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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mid August Progress

I'm in Atlanta, just arriving after a 6 hr road trip from Charleston SC with a 22 month old. Challenging for sure.

But at home, Curtis, James, Janice, Casey, Deborah, Edwin, Mark, Henning, Job, Bryan, Russ, and Matt are kicking it in a wide range of business building activities.

Ranch III, above and below, is taking great shape, and by the end of next week will more or less be finished, and Greg and Kat will be our newest homeowners on Lake Ridge Road, Narrowsburg, NY - our 5th.
Getting a headstart on the winter sales, we signed up Van and Eric on a version of Cottage 31, and Gianni and Kelly on a new iteration on Cottage 29. And we have Ranch III and Barn III coming in for soft landings here in the next 4 weeks, and probably Ase and her husband will sign up with us as well over the next month.

The barn house with the cedar shake has made a lot of progress here as of late - by the time I come home we will be painting the inside.

And Cottage 29 had the floors finished this week, and will be wrapping up shortly. This is Cottage that is owner-less currently, a rarity for us. But it's a nice to be able to build and design a home - we do a lot of collaboration with homeowners, and it's nice to go solo every once and awhile.

Tonights the big launch of the DIY show. I'm in a hotel that doesn't have the DIY network, so I will have to wait for someone to write and tell me about it.

It's all good, that's for sure.


  1. The only time I saw any mention of Catskill Farms was in the credits for a whole of .2 seconds. I hope all your talk of going national pans out on future shows.

  2. didn't get to see it myself, and have no doubt it's true. we had to fight and negotiate for every mention. We were supposed to have a 7 episode blog cabin series, which was completely revamped before airing, into one show.

    Hopefully, they mentioned the area, since what is good for the area, is good for us.

  3. but in the end, the design and design elements of the home are mostly driven by the aesthetic of Catskill Farms, so irregardless of face time, it's another validation of our team's design approach -comforting for sure in this continued challenging sales environment.

  4. I hate to say this, but it looks like DIY and the various "shows" are taking credit for things your crew actually did. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So far only the kitchen episode has been aired, but it looks like your work.