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Monday, September 27, 2010

Barn III - Sold

One day the ferns are green and lush and playful and provide an exciting canopy for entire sections of forest floor, and the next they are a dying ember of their former selves. I'm no fernocologist, but Ferns actually seem to be the most dramatic hint of the change of seasons, everything from the trees to the grass take a little more time.

Barn III just began a few short months ago, and here this past Friday we sold 'er off to Gary and Nikki and kids and dogs and extended family and friends. Our barn series incorporates a lot barn ideas and accents without being too barny - just a hint of barn in the shape, a shade of barn in the loft look and feel of the interior, a nod to the barn in the hand hewn beams across the ceiling.

I was so busy last week that I didn't get a chance to get in and snap my 40 great finished house photos so I had to sneak in yesterday, post-closing, with my master key and snap a few shots. Definitely probably going to get 'in trouble' from the new owners, who still seem to be smarting over a sneak shot photo a few weeks ago.

Anyway, so very simple, so very tasteful, so many small little decisions of restraint and taste that add up to something extraordinary.

Nice corner fireplace below.

Hot red kitchen leading out to the big screened in porch which doubles as a kid pen.

Screened in porch made of locally harvested timbers, posts and rafters.

So, another day in the Catskills, where living comes easy and we drink for free.

Oh yea, to answer your question Gary ( the new barn owner), you have two choices for liqueur shopping. At 'the corner' in Eldred, or by the Barryville Sports Bar down in Barryville, on the Barryville/Yulan Road.

1 comment:

  1. Micro-cottage 2 is much more in the size and style I enjoy (and a little closer to economic feasibility). I'll follow its progress, so please post lots of pictures along the way. Thanks!