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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010- Cue up the Queue of 3

I have watched at least a dozen episodes of TruTv's 'Rehab:Party at the Hard Rock Cafe' since Friday after work. I love it, and it's definitely probably not the type of show I would get to watch if the wifee and son were in Town. I mean, this is where we are different - she likes "Top Chef" and bunch of other food shows (and Project Runway, which she tries to tape and erase before she thinks I will notice that she is watching Project Runway, or America's Next Top Model). I like "World's Most Shocking" videos of police chases, car accidents and redneck convenience store robberies. Also, I'm a big fan of the those new military training shows about boot camp and the like, and I like 'Flipping Out' - the home show that Deborah my bookkeeper says reminds her a lot of me.

Anyway, maybe next year I'll some Rehab parties here at my house by the pond - 'Rehab:67 Crawford Road' - and lots of hot babes in skimpy outfits playing badminton, doing jackknifes of the cliffs and dancing to a cool techno groove. I'll have $2000 minimums by the pond-side Cabanas, and big Crystal bottles of bubbly for the high rollers.

So, I forgot how pathetic I am alone. There's animal guts on the front patio (that's where I am now) that one of the cat's drug home - and since it's 3 days old it kind of stinks and the flies are all around it. The kitchen is a wreck, I've eaten nothing but breaded chicken tenders for 3 days and inside of the house is starting to feel very 'lived in', if I can beg a clumsy euphemism.

I always like to to take the dog Jake out for a big walk in the woods, without his leash, when I can, because the exertion of energy of his part mellows him for the whole day. So today I tried to double up on tasks and went on over to Tuthill Road to let Jake run, visit with some homeowners and grab some photos for the website and for the upcoming Sullivan County Showcase of Real Estate, which we use to monopolize, but then started getting shut out after we made too many enemies - oh, the good times, good times.

So I start at the top, at Cottage 22, and say Hi to Courtney and Bronson and their bulldog Polly started mixing it up with Jake, and they just got this new floppy bulldog puppy which was cute even to me. It was a great sunny day of light and I took some great shots.

Then off to Cottage 19, where Justen and Jason and company were out drinking coffee, cueing up the badminton and drinking some joe on the porch. Grabbed some great shots.

Then over the Daniel's at Micro Cottage 3 where he was doing some sort of construction. Again, grabbed some shots and then off to Cottage 17 where Thom was planting and gardening.

Across the street to Richard's of Baker's Tap Room fame, where the yellow stain of the Barn 2 was looking pretty sweet.

So I walk the 3/8 of a mile back to my car, load up a tuckered out Jake and cruise back to the office. It was about then that I realized I had forgotten to put the memory card in the camera.

Hey, I'm only building 7 homes, running 3 businesses, developing 4 pieces of land, designing 3 homes, showing prospective clients our homes, etc... I got plenty of time to do shit twice.

Luckily there was some ying to this yang- we closed on a house 2 weeks ago, close on Ranch III this week, Barn III in two more weeks. We have also signed letters of commitment on 3 (that's right) on 3 new deals. Cottage 34, Cottage 31 and Cottage 33. One guy who wishes to be known as the 'international art dealer power couple who is going to bring punk rock back to the Catskills', actually wants to trade a Warhol for part of a house. Now, that's really pretty flattering. But like I've been saying for years- these homes are little pieces of art. Should be a busy winter.

God, someone really has clean up those guts on the front porch. They really stink.


  1. Just clean the guts up, please? You can do it. And eat some fresh vegetables. I miss you.

  2. Ooops. Internet crashed when as i hit "post comment" so I don't think my last entry went through. Just said that this new blog is really a good one, already a favorite of mine, sans pictures and all. Now that you are back, are you ready for a 'tins at Cottage 14? See you soon, we hope! J&D

  3. Kinda glad to read about the memory card thing; my place was a mess that day. But now the screen doors are up, the table saw's back in the basement and things are lookin' better over at MACRO-Cottage 3. -D

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