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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clock is Ticking

Farm 15, selected by a Dr. of Chemistry, just getting started. 2400 sq ft, 2 car garage, 7 acres. John looking over his handiwork prior to pouring the footings.

With Fall in full bloom, and the windy afternoon shaking off the brittle leaves, leaving just the skinny little legs of big and small trees.

We are on a race against time, as we are every year about this time. It starts to get rainy, and then a little colder, and by mid-October you have to start planning on the colder days, then the unpredictable days where we get down below zero, and just when you really start pressing your luck knowing that the super-cold snap is just around the corner, bang - it's here, and everyone scurries around looking for some warmth, hustling to get the septics, well lines, and porch piers in before the ground gets too hard.

Below is our first Shack. 500 sq ft, one bedroom, kitchen, 2 deck/porches, full basement, cool views. The Shack is another attempt find a new lower price point in order to open the door to a new wave of country livin' dreamers. We won't know just yet what the price will be, but we are hoping for the mid-$100k's. It's hard to price, since the land, the drive, the electric, the site work such as tree cutting, site clearing, septics wells and foundation are costs that are fixed and the smaller the house, the higher the percentage of cost are the fixed costs.

That's Norm and Justin.

Cottage 29 is now nearly complete. One of two homes we have in inventory, finished and ready to sell. Actually, with the Shack above, that makes 3, at 3 different price points. this home is 2 bedroom, 960 sq ft, 7+ acres and a basement.

Micro-Cottage 2 is looking very woodsy with the Adirondack style siding, a first time selection for us. The cottage is spoken for and the Moma momma and her man are coming up on Monday to make some interior design choices. 720 sq ft, 1 bedroom, big open living/dining/kitchen space.

Tito in the foreground, painting what he can before the weather turns gray and uninviting.

The writer and his partner country abode below has good views, high ceilings, and by the look from this picture, a happy electrician. 1300 sq ft, 2 bedrooms and a cedar shake exterior.

Two banking pros picked up this neat little mini-cottage and then took a big swing with some dark gray blue siding which will contrast the matte aluminum of the porch roof grandly. 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths.

Of course, we can't forget about Cottage 34, reserved by some NYC art pros. Starting that one shortly. A great house on a 6+ cool acres, a few miles outside of Narrowsburg.

Our shop also went down for some badly needed spruce up. This building was in the past was the place where they fixed up the school buses for the Eldred School District - built 20 or 30 yr ago. We moved in 2.5 yrs ago, after working out of my homes for a few years, and have year by fixed it up. We built a big building in the back, and this year we fixed up the interior space in the front building. Before winter hit, I wanted to put on a new roof so we could retire all the buckets around the shop, and we also redid the siding. We could have just painted the siding, which would have looked pretty good, but our main goal was to insulate the heck out of the place with our spray foam insulation - so we stripped 'er down, peeled back the disgusting fiberglass insulation, sprayed the crap out of it from the outside, then put on new metal ribbed siding. We also added a window to lighten up the main space.
Every year we get a little ahead of the game in terms of planning and preparing for the winter. This year we should be in good shape, working indoors with our temp heat and preparing a bunch of homes for their new owners.

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