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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just to name a few...

We got a lot of house making good progress.

Here's Cottage 33, with some bluish/gray siding, white trim and a galvanized metal roof. These customers are always downplaying their design talents, but after seeing this exterior combo, I don't think they are giving themselves enough credit. The biggest compliment I can pay a client is to like their color schemes and palettes on another house, and this is definitely one we will use again.

Cottage 34 foundation is beginning today outside of Narrowsburg. Norm cleared the drive and site the other day, and today we are digging.

Actually, there will be some digging, and there will be some rock pounding, hence the big rock pounding machine on the left.

And Farm 15, coming in at a cool 2400 sq ft, is just coming out of the ground with its foundation walls. Today we are 'pouring the slab', and having the footing drain inspected, and then tomorrow we shall backfill. Framing starts early next week.

Cottage 31 races ahead. We just had our rough in plumbing, heating and electric inspection this morning, and we will be insulating next week.

And our first Shack is up. 500 sq ft, 5+ acres, big views, nice land, close to Narrowsburg.

The Shacks are interesting, and it will be interesting to learn who is interested in them. As we did with the cottages, the mini-cottages, and the micro-cottages, you have to build one first to see who wants them, since nothing existed like it in the marketplace, the demand is initially unknown.

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