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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sullivan County Mid-Morning Driving Loop

(Weird, I never posted this one, so while redundant, why let a good post go to waste, as they say?)

Some more national press our little red design and construction engine -

Van and Eric's 1300 sq ft Cottage 31 commences. Narrowsburg NY.

As Does Gianni and Kellys' 960 mini-Cottage. Barryville NY.

And an un-owned Micro-Cottage 2 - 723 sq ft, $185k. Barryville, NY.

Cottage 29 is now complete and for sale. 960 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and 7+ acres for $270k or 15 acres for $315k. Barryville, NY.

Barn III is finito, and closing on Friday. Congrats Nikki and Gary. Barryville, NY.

And Courtney and Marcus' spread up outside Callicoon Center, NY.

2700 sq ft +/- of living large.

Well, that was my morning, circling the entire county, checking on 7 job sites, and moving into the paperwork part of morning. Pay this, don't pay that, throw that invoice in the trash, over my dead body, not going to happen - these are the common mantras slipping out of my office on bill paying days.

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