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Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is Crazy - 5 Home Waiting List

Last week we had a lot of rain in Barryville NY, and since I always have duel interests in such matters, the weather is always a blessing and a curse. For instance, the rain helped fill our backyard pond which has been under-filled all summer due to the dryness. On the other hand, Norm the excavator, Dean the framer, and the guys doing work here on the siding at the shop totally got shafted by 3 straight days of rain.

This morning I was snapping some shots of the family over coffee and our big 100 lb lab charged me.

So Heather and Bryan, 2 art professionals from that city 2 hrs away, signed up a few weeks ago for a slightly enlarged Cottage 23. I showed them around once or twice for a couple of hours but it only took a few minutes inside the magical house of David and Pedro to bring them aboard. All Aboard the Shoe Choo - Lucas our son who turns two next weekend is entering the train phase, and he loves lining up shoes and pretending they are trains so I coined the Shoe Choo. Lisa thought it pretty clever.

Above photo is the original adaptation of a cottage in Pennsylvania, that Cottage 34 is being inspired by. Below are Bryan and Heather in the office with their dog.

And then a week or two ago Chris and her family walked into Farm 12, knew it spoke directly to them, tweaked it to better fit their country house aspirations, and decided to speed up their plans from a spring start to a 'let's get started now' start. I always say, why do tomorrow what can be done today? Hello Farm 15 on almost 8 acres.

And Marcus and Courtney's mountaintop spread is speeding right along. What an amazing few days of sun and chilly air since the rain.

3000+/- sq ft of large country living.

And then Sarah and Jeff wrote me an email on Friday asking to come and check out the Micro-Cottage 2 that is for sale.

And at approximately 12pm today, they said they will take it.

So old Cottage 33 is rapidly going up, with a big time site meeting with Gianni and Kelly over the weekend before they went off to our tile lady (Thanks Denise!) and our kitchen guy (Thanks Howard!) for some major design meetings.

James walking them through the projector and big screen we are installing.

And who can forget about Van and Eric at Cool Ass Cottage 31. Not sure how much progress was made on the framing of the house with all the rain, but lord knows Dean the framer won't let too many things stand in the way of progress.

Ok, so maybe the New York Times today, once again, for 5 years running, snubs the most exciting proposition in the Catskills, but it must be disconcerting to them that our customers seem to make up their own minds about such things.

And to the art purveyors from Soho, the Google Executive, to the newspaper writer (sorry, Van, not sure exactly what you do besides travel to cool places a lot), to the wealth management pros, to the MOMA curator, to the Dr. of Chemistry, This Buds for you.

5 homes in the hopper, busy for another winter. I'm constantly amazed at the intelligence of our buyers, who want something cool, something quick, something stylin' and something that works.


  1. First, the pond is very cool.
    Second, I love the farm house on the hill. Of course, I love our house, but I'm still very jealous!
    Third, congratulations on all those new homes!


  2. Denise @ Cornerstone TileOctober 8, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    Thank you, Chuck! It's our pleasure taking the ride on the Crazy Train with you guys. Steve & I appreciate your loyalty and business.

  3. The Crazy Train it is, ain't? Only in New York...