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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Makin' The Roundz

Some mornings each week I 'make the rounds', checking out job sites and progress and seeing first-hand what the obstacles are that are staring us down.

This the Mitchell Farmhouse, up in Callicoon Center, that we just finished. They say you can't have good pricing, quality and speed - but we proved 'em wrong on this one. 4.5 months from start to finish. The Owners were planning on a January or February closing -

And sweet little Cottage 29 outside of Barryville, NY in the morning sun.

We furnished it to make it more homey.

Cottage 33 rounding the corner. Painting and loose ends, then the floor finishing, then the loose ends and punch list and wallah, it's finished and ready to turn over in the new year.

And Micro-Cottage 2 - all 725 sq ft of it.

On 7+ acres.

And Farmhouse 15 with garage, with the foundation in and the garage prepped and ready for Dean and his framing crew. This house is outside of Narrowsburg.

And the drive into Cottage 34.

And the foundation...

And Cottage 31 looking real sharp in his cedar shake overcoat.

Insulation in and sheetrock up. This house has partial radiant heat which we got up and running early, so it's all nice and toasty in there.

And little ole Shack #2. It's our first Shack, but our 2nd design. 500 sq ft of simple mountain living.

And Lucas - he's only had his hair cut once in his life, and that was a while ago.

And Norm (or is that David Hasslehoff?)

And me, mid-summer, on a big hill looking south. Calm your wildly beating hearts, ladies.

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