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Friday, November 5, 2010

Men (and Women) at Work

So Tito was up at Mitchell doing his final paint touchups.

And the Electricians were over at Farm 15 running the underground primary and secondary electric.

And Norm was over at the Shack cleaning it up a bit with the big machines.

And our spray foam insulation company was finishing up sealing up Cottage 31.

And Orange and Rockland Electric was hooking up the electric at Cottage 33.

And Curtis and Edwin were taking care of some loose ends at Cottage 29.

And the other BCS employees were finishing up the interior at MicroCottage 2 (floors and wood plank ceilings).

And Casey and Janice here at the office were working on an 800 envelope Ecotech Sprayfoam mailing.

And James is upstairs managing the 9 projects via phone and computers.

And Lisa is in the kitchen over at the Hills Country Inn in Callicoon Center, helping Amy cook for a catering event, and prepping for the big NACL theater farm event on Sunday.

And me, little ole me - I'm just sitting here remembering the days when I had a lot less to do but was a lot more busy. They say good help is hard to find, - but towards the benefit of both my sanity and my customers satisfaction, I think we are operating on a level I've aspired to for years.

Now home to Lucas, who is obsessed with both choo choos and dinosaurs at the moment (although he has his first chore each day, and that is to help me feed Jake each evening - I hate to tell him he probably won't always be as enthusiastic about his chores as they grow in number as time goes on).

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