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Thursday, November 25, 2010

ThanksGiving 2010

The above picture was taken by Adam, Amy's man, last Friday while Lisa was out of town. It was the day before deer season opened the town and small restaurants were hopping. If you are not a hunter you don't realize how many people actually hunt - schools close, business slows down. The first weekend of deer hunting is always a bit precarious since it is yahoo-central with a bunch of 'hunters' coming up to drink beers, drive around and shoot stuff. It's actually the month prior to hunting season that can be a bit much since all the hunters pull out ALL there guns and do some practicing all weekend long so gun shots ring loud and close. During the actual hunting season it's a less noisy, since hunters are trying to be sly and quiet and get some killin' done.

Adam was just shooting my camera off after a few rounds and these are the leftovers I found in the morning.
Thanksgiving has been held at my various homes for the past 7 years, ever since I moved up to Sullivan County. The first year at the rock house, where my family refused to come unless I put a driveway in and buy a refrigerator and a stove - you know how demanding families can be. And that's an interesting look-back on our journey up here - from heat and water-less 400 sq ft cabin where I used to put stuff outside to keep it cold, to king of the hill, builder of more than 70 getaways, country concierge to many a family, large local employer, major provider of taxable real estate in our local towns. It's a cool story with lots of drama and interesting characters along the way.

Here's the foundation of our resident Dr of Chemistry. She's doing a farmhouse, and a carriage house on 7+ acres outside of Narrowsburg, NY.

Then the house.
Then the clean up and tyvec.

And you all have seen it before - the roof, windows, framing, foundation and just the incredible day to day progress of an organized, lean, non-top heavy little engine that could.

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