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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Way up on the Hill

Marcus and Courtney have built a house up on a hill on a few acres outside of Callicoon NY. It's a nice spot, to be sure.

Now, I don't mean to blow our horn again, but cheese and crackers we only started this dang thing in late June. 800' driveway, full design, 900 ft of underground primary and secondary electric, literally moving a couple of tons of earth to carve a homesite out of the hillside, 3000 sq ft of customized design with wide plank floors, a lot of beadboard and wainscotting, etc...

Final site meeting walk-thru this weekend. Count it - 4 months. That's fast anywhere, and triply impressive up here in nowheresville.

Like I said, I would pit our team up against any team, any where. It's not just a matter of talent, which the team has in great supply - it's also a matter of attitude. You figure if 35 companies and 130 individuals working for those companies all give just a little extra effort, go the extra mile, at the end the customer reaps the benefit of these little extra efforts which cumulatively add up to something of real value - a lot of times the value is a little hidden, since it is a result of powering through the 100 unforeseen issues and problems without passing along annoying little change orders to me or my clients. Norm may stack some cool boulders we found on site, John may snake a switch to a new location, Tito may knock 'em dead with his final paint review and touch ups, the King brothers may address some heating or plumbing issue without using a box of tissues.

It's always a big synchronized dance on the final few days with too many trucks, too many people, shitty weather, and lots of chaos - just how I like, borderline chaos.

I love this picture below for its subtle reflection of our precision. Floors all covered with paper, and high traffic areas with cardboard as well. Cardboard on the countertops. Protection on the refrigerator, and even thicker masonite underneath that heavy beast.

Lots of great colors. Pushing the envelope a bit on the jazzy nature of the selection but never going too far.

I'll tell you what - it's a lot easier to build a big house than a small house. A big house you can scatter shit around and work in places other people aren't. Small homes everyone is just right on top of each other.

Looks messy, but to my construction management eye, it's all looking good.

Up the stairs.

2nd floor laundry with Curtis overseeing.

Job and Bryan cutting some trim on the front porch for the final push of fine carpentry.

One of the two wings of the house.

And the other.

Looking in towards the master bedroom, with his and her sliding barn doors at the closets.

Deck off of this bedroom.

And there you have. More pic next weeks after we pull back the covers.

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