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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farm 14 Goes to Contract

Farm House 14 is a great home that sits perfectly on a couple of acres outside of Barryville, NY.
It didn't sell right away, so I turned it into our model home, pulling out furniture that I had stored away, including a disco ball light up the room with terrific multiple lights and colors.

Usually when a house isn't presold and we furnish it I pull out my big gun lucky charm - which is an old skool portrait of Abe Lincoln - old Abe, he gets the job done for me.

But now this great home is under contract at a super fair price. Actually quite a deal, so congrats to the owner's to be. You can't go wrong with this one.

Having a model home was awesome, and the fact that it didn't sell immediately, like we've become accustomed to, was a great reminder of the reality that success can be dangerous because you forget that things can change quickly, and that fear is a super attribute never to lose since it keeps you humble and conservative in this risky business of mine.

Over-confidence probably ranks up there as a real factor for a lot of business failures.


  1. Chuck,

    All of your homes are absolutely wonderful, but
    we are sooooooooo excited for this one to be ours! :)

    -The Monte Sisters

  2. It's a good one. The fun thing about this house is the layout. It's got just enough walls on the first floor to create little private nooks, without losing the grand open-ness of the floor plan.

    and that large 2nd floor landing - that's my favorite.

    although, the master bedroom and bath and walk-in closet, that isn't too shabby either.

    come to think of it, neither is that humungus basement.

    the mudroom pretty snazzy as well.

  3. LOL I agree, ITS PERFECT! It was made for us, long before any one of us even knew it!!

  4. Dude, if you ever become truly "humble and conservative", I swear I'm gonna stop reading your blog. :)

  5. Well said Nest Dweller, well said. I was just throwing that out there for misdirection - you know, the Art of War type thing.

  6. Charles,
    After reading your Blog, I am truly looking forward to making the trip and seeing the great work you did on BC2010. Everything I hear and read is extremely positive about what you build, and with BC2010 what you helped create.