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Monday, December 20, 2010

Homes Under Construction (and soon to be sold)

Don't tell Lisa that Jake, all 100 lbs of him, was lounging on our lazy boy when I turned my back for a quick second yesterday.

Cottage 34 is looking good. It's an iteration of Cottage 23, just a great design inspired one morning while looking out the window at breakfast one morning. This 1450 sq ft 2 bedroom cottage on 6 acres lives pretty large a few miles outside of Narrowsburg.

Pete Kestler getting the well in.

And Renee getting his stone on at the chimney chase. We should be insulating next week and a sale set for late February.

Double decker kitchen...
...and a large living room.
The house around the corner reserved by Dr. Chemistry. This 7 acre spread runs around 2300 sq ft with 3 beds and 2.5 baths.

We expect a March finish.

Cottage 31 is just about finished and it's turning out pretty spectacular. Big views, cedar shake, interesting floor plan and some great salvaged wood accents from our neighborhood barn wood guy, Hall.

This cottage has sunken living room with a lot of windows and stone, wrap-around porch with dog gates and radiant heat.

Upstairs another bedroom and bath, with a cable rail and salvaged post stair system. This house is set to sell in January.

And cute little Shack #2, all 500 sq ft of it, on 5+ acres.

A living room/di ning/kitchen with a wood stove, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, front and back porch and a full basement. Doesn't get anymore compact than this. This is a our first shack and it's for sale. We haven't figured out the price yet but it will be in the mid-100's or something close.

Bedroom below.
And Farm 14, we had the final walkthrough/inspection this past Saturday. This is one of our few homes in inventory, and in January it will be gone gone gone.

This terrific home has a great flow, and a lot of open space outside. Fireplace and radiators keep it warm and some in-wall speakers keep the party going.

And Cottage 33 will be closing in January as well. This instant classic sports slate gray clapboard siding and galvanized metal roof, wrap-around porch, partially screened in.

Micro Cottage 2 is finishing up also, and set for sale in January as well. Between the homes we have in contract set for sale in January - March, and the 2 or 3 that are set to start in 2011, we should be ready for another busy year of full employment business growth.

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