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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New York City (or, Another Year Down)

So I am sitting here at the dining room table with lucas who is watching one of his shows - actually, an ingenious shows that marries two of his obsessions - choo choos and dinosaurs. It's a show named, what else, Dino Train. So he's over there watching it after dinner on the computer - Lisa is out on the town somewhere, and I go get the ice cream out of the freezer, cover it with a dish towel and sneak it back to the table, and station it opposite of Lucas, behind the laptop screen so he can't see what I am doing because there isn't enough ice cream to comfortably share.

Sure, kind of sad, but it was that really good Tom and Jerry's Half Baked, and he's such a glutton.

We stopped by Macy's this past weekend when we were in the City, and Lucas got to meet Santa again. Last year it was in Key West, this year NYC. Not bad for being two yrs old.

So I had no idea that Santa at Macy's wasn't just Santa but actually a maze of Christmas surprises around every corner like Santa Train, the Santa video, the Santa map, etc...

You could even send a letter to the North Pole in the red mail box, which I thought was pretty clever. I'm just glad it wasn't frickin' crowded because it was definitely deceiving how long the line could actually be in a worst case scenario crowd.

Somehow I got stuck carrying everyone's stuff while they gallivanted off to the elves and santa's sleigh and all the other fun stuff.

I didn't catch it on film, but there did seem to be a fair number of slightly tipsy hotties in line to have their picture taken with Santa. I mean, I didn't have time to do much other than remark about it, with all the carrying and picture-taking and human coat hooking I was charged with.

My blogging has certainly decelerated in the last 45 days but I'm expecting it to pick up again here shortly.

We hit the city a few times a year, but our big visit always falls a week or two prior to Christmas. It's a great time to visit the Big Apple and it coincides with our wedding anniversary as well.

We always stay at the W in Union Square, room 1212, the date of our wedding. It's a corner room with good south-western views across the square. The W was really on their game this year, with bubbly awaiting us that evening and the Wall Street Journal each morning instead of USA Today.

We had all these big fluffy pillows so we made a pillow fort, and I did a lot 'airplane crash' with Lucas, launching him from moderate heights onto the bed. I had to stop when Lisa caught a glance in the mirror of Lucas hurtling through the air towards the pillow fort. She's a party pooper like that.

Thursday we hit Chat -n- Chew with my good friend Zach, then Friday the owners of Cottage 23 took us out to dinner near Broadway, in addition to gifting us two house seats to the Scottsboro Boys, a musical satire of some pretty sad events back in the '30's. David, a co-owner of Cottage 23, played a part in the creation and deployment of the music end of this play.

Saturday we subwayed it to Brooklyn, to Park Slope, where I used to live, right off 7th Ave on Berkeley Place. I hadn't been back since 2001, when I left the city for good. Also pictured is the place I ate 6 times a week- the local taqueria.

Me in front of my old abode.

And Lucas playing trains in the hotel room. One day we went out and when we came back noticed that house-keeping had put his track and train neatly back together.

I don't know about you, and I definitely don't want to be politically incorrect, but doesn't Lucas in the picture below look like crippled child from Dicken's novel. Spindly legs and neck that can't support his head....

And then our house, above, decorated. We have our big company Christmas party this Friday and we are expecting about 80 people at Baker's Tap Room in Yulan. Should be fun.

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