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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cottage 33 Sold

Kelly and Gianni came to us in the fall and were not sure exactly what they wanted, where they wanted it, and when exactly they wanted it. Like most of our customers all those questions were easily taken care of by traveling from our large stock of sold homes, and the one or two we had for sale.

It's hard to overstate how being able to see, touch and feel facilitates the design process for our customers. I like that rail, I don't like that countertop, this bedroom is the right size, oh that's what an on-demand hot water heater looks like, what color is this floor stain? No guess work, no multiple showroom visits. Add to that our online gallery of photos and suppliers, and lots of customers nail down the general aesthetic and some serious details of the homes pretty quickly and painlessly.
Kelly went on and on about how they may need help and more guidance from us than our typical client, which we are more than happy to provide. James and I both pretty intuitive and get on the same page pretty quickly with a wide array of design directions.

But it didn't take long after hearing the first few design choices where we realized that once again, we were dealing with some pretty seriously talented design persons.

The dark slate stain, and galvanized metal roof, white trim, and grayish roof. It was an instantly classic exterior choice with colors we had never used before in our previous 80 homes.

We see it all the time. Even our customers who aren't using the creative side of their brain to earn a living, it seems like people who end up building with us have a real good sense of style and taste. Up above is our beaded plank ceiling, stained Early American. White barn light sconces, red cross buck door, white trim and some deep grayish blue siding.

The powder room is a simple combination of white plank wood ceiling, a nautical light, clean mirror and angle sink. A straight-forward light blue complements it all.

A couple of shots of the general layout. This Cottage is just under 1000 sq ft and was inspired by Cottage 29, which is just down the street. Open stairs, clean white spindles. And interesting design direction was the use of stained wood at the posts - not salvaged posts, or painted white. Staircases, the stairs and the posts and spindles can really define a house in these smaller spaces.
The mudroom and powder room are pretty expansive for this house, with plenty of room to take off the boots, rid oneself of outerwear. The stone is local, laid irregularly with random shapes. We used salvaged barn wood for the wainscoting.

A center fireplace, gas fireplace, moderate hand hewn beam, and a big bookshelf/wine shelf, stained to match some of the other details of the house.

In front of the bookshelves we built in a wide screen retractable area.

The fireplace with open tread staircases.

Below is a landing that leads up the bath in one direction and the bedroom in the other.

Looking down into the dining and kitchen area. This was a pretty amazing design feat - fitting in this open loft-like open area into 1000 sq ft. Lot's of light, and lots of openness.

The bath was another stroke of genius - pretty fast with simple primary colors and sharp clean fixtures. Black, red, white.

The main bedroom on the other side of the upstairs landings. Couple of barn doors, a 4 panel entry door. A jacobean stain accents the floor.

The details of the homes are really their essence - a wall hung radiator.

Hand crafted barn doors...

A straight-forward kitchen, shelves, and a vibrant stove.

Going down into the basement, with bricks defining the descent into the basement.

Handhewn beams...
Old school closet door hardware.

A pretty slick light. The first time we used this series of lights.

6 column radiators...
Schoolhouse lighting...

Just an instant classic. The first in 4 houses we will close on this month.


  1. OMG!! Kelly and Gianni did a super job designing. I want one just like this Charles. Love the red, the lights and the stairs!! Enjoy this beautiful home!!

  2. I could see myself falling down those stairs while visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night. Most men over the age of 40 have to go at least once during the night. Great design........

  3. Just don't have too many cocktails before bed or you could have a problem! Personally I love it. It's not a cookie cutter design.