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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Storm and Snow Plowing

There's Lucas in red with his two Richmond buds, Elijah and Sam.

And then the damn 12" of snow that rock Virginia Beach the day after Christmas. Like I said, no one had snow shovels or window scrapers or sidewalk salt or anything like that. Below is the broom I used to shovel a path to my car and rid my car of all the now. Luckily, while not the best looking broom, it was pretty hardy and got a high performance rating from me - I mean, that was a lot of snow to move for that little, out-dated, seen-better-days broom.

Lisa's mom and brothers and sisters cavorting about who didn't bring the shovel. The house is Lisa's grandmother's house which she has owned since way back in the '40's.

The cavalry then arrived, 48 hours after the snow began. Lisa and went on a date to see 'Social Network' the night before.
And then my favorite - the ol' 'sno fro'. Not a great example of the ol' sno fro, but they were everywhere in Virginia for a couple of days, making driving a bit dangerous as the fro's came flying off and dislodging from various roofs.

That's me, by the Christmas tree, marooned at my in-laws.

Anyway, now it snowed up here in the Catskills today, maybe 5' inches when it was all said and done. We needed it. Anytime January comes around and the ground is bare, well, it's a bit depressing. Snowed most of the day so I broke out my new 2010 dump truck/sand truck and hit the road. You don't really realize how many properties you own until you got to plow all the damn driveways. The shop, then Cottage 29, Cottage 33, Micro 2, Farm 14, my house, my neighbors house, Cottage 31, Shack 2, Farm 15, Cottage 34, Cottage 36. That's a lot of driveways, and at $70 a pop for a plow job, you can see why we do it ourselves. Many storms take more than one plow to keep the driveways open, meaning a good snow storm can easily cost me a few grand. Plus the fact that we like the drives open early so the myriads of contractors can get in and get to work.

Got 4 closings coming up in the next two weeks, so we are focused in on bringing 'em home to daddy.

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  1. Next Saturday are there any homes open that we can come tour..we are more interested in the cottages/smaller homes..but would like to see the area!! Thanks!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year