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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thursday Morning Pics

Cottage 34 moving right along, the first house to be plowed out pre-7am by the the snow plow maestro.

House nearing completion with painting started within the week.

Living room above and below -

Kitchen -
Bathroom -
Farm 15, 10 minutes later.

Living room above -

Reading room below -
Dining room -
Kitchen -
And Cottage 35 - this house is for sale. The above two are in contract. As you can see, you morning light caught up with me.

This is a 1000 sq ft home, modeled after Justin and Jason's Cottage 19, with inspiration borrowed from many other homes, including the superb bluish gray siding from Gianni and Kelly.

That's Henning from Norway with the bright jacket that throws my camera's automatic light calibration out of whack.

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  1. Sweet pictures. Hope you're having fun with your plow :-)