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Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Back from Vacation

There is nothing worse than writing 3/4 of a genius blog post only to have it mysteriously disappear like it did last night- I mean, I'm on my 4th year of blogging - over 450 insightful, intelligent, witty, cutting-edge posts. It has only happened to me a few times but boy does it smart when it happens - one minute it's there, the next second it's gone, gone gone.

I mean, posting takes some time - you got your pics to organize, upload, story to tell, story to write, flourishes to conjure.

So anyway, I'm over it and up above is a photo from the archives I came across. It's on Lucas' first birthday party, where I arrived with a new Lab puppy I picked up at an Amish farm on the way down to my Dad's, where the party was taking place.

And down below is Lucas at the aquarium.

...and Lucas on the shores of the Mississippi, curving around the City of New Orleans...

...and then this picture below that doesn't exist is of Lucas and family at the Insectaturium (or Bug Museum) because I went around snapping photos with a camera whose memory card was left behind in the computer in the hotel room.

(non-existent photo slot)

I came home, and I conquered, with a good weekend of $1,150,000 of sales signed up - a great renovation on a a lake for Scott and Erica, an awesome Barn house on 12 acres (and lake rights) for Bruce and Cindy, and a Mac-Daddy Cottage/Cabin on 15 with lake rights for Matthew, Sarah and children. Now all we have to do is reel Daisy and Mike in with some tempting offerings, and Gabriel who has been lurking around Cottage 29 and we are really rolling.

And it's only February 28.

Here's Cottage 35, coming along nicely with the exterior siding up and a lot of the interior taking shape. This house is for sale for $285,000, sits on 5+ acres a few miles outside of Narrowsburg, has 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, full basement and a lot of cool details like a wood burning fireplace and super open floor plan. Should be good.

The first floor, below.

One of the bedrooms...

And the Shack - will be interesting to see who buys this little piece of glory - 500 sq ft with a lot of big sky.
We did a little IKEA in this one, playing with cool norwegian lights, kitchens, vanities and toilets. It's going to be a great getaway for someone, with a woodstove that will heat the place easily (and if not, it's fully equipped with a heating system).

I like the above the toilet cabinet, with a "C" for Chuck, or Catskill Farms.

The bedroom is nothing to sneeze at, with big windows and plenty of space for 2 (or 3 if you swing that way - just kidding, this is a clean act around here and we don't stand for stuff like that in our homes.).

Farm 15 motored right along in my absence, and we are getting the water tested for potability and applying for the certificate of occupancy before too long.

Here's the mudroom, cat area, closet area, 1/2 bath area that should come in real handy.

A shot looking through the house, into the study.

And ol' Cottage 34, turning that final bend in conjunction with Farm 15 - bringing 'er home for Bryan and Heather. In another stupid twist of fate, I can't find the newest pics of this house that I snapped over the weekend.

Well, as you can see, I got a bit of 'vacation brain' still going on, losing shit, erasing shit, forgetting shit - but I'm sure it won't take long to morph back to the Gladiator pose I prefer, kicking some serious real estate butt and building the best the little houses this side of the Mississippi.

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